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This following spells are not allowed in the Habololy campaign setting.  After each spell is an abbreviation for the book from which the spell originated.  It may be assumed that any spell from a generic Wizard's of the Coast book not listed here is usable in the campaign setting.  Note that the Banned Spell list for the world (which are spells that are known to great spellcasters but disallowed by the Counsil) must still be consulted.  Spell listed here are ones that are unknown to any spellcaster and disallowed for the campaign.  The name of the Wizards' book in which the spell appears in listed in parenthesis next to the spell name.




1st level: Detect Dragonblood (Dragon Magic); Extract Drug (Book of Vile Darkness)


2nd level: Create Magic Tattoo (Spell Compendium); Daggerspell Dance (Spell Compendium); Energize Potion (Book of Exalted Deeds); Graz'zt's Long Grasp (Book of Vile Darkness)


3rd level: Distilled Joy (Book of Exalted Deeds); Least Dragonshape (Dragon Magic)


4th level: Liquid Pain (Book of Vile Darkness); Dragon Breath (Spell Compendium)


5th level: Call Dretch Horde (Book of Vile Darkness); Lesser Dragon Ally (Spell Compendium)


6th level: Lesser Dragonshape (Dragon Magic)


7th level: Aspect of the Platinum Dragon (Dragon Magic); Dragon Ally (Spell Compendium); Summon Aspect of Bahamut (Races of the Dragon)


8th level: Aspect of the Chromatic Dragon (Dragon Magic); Dragon Cloud (Book of Exalted Deeds)


9th level: Dragonshape (Players' Handbook II); Greater Dragon Ally (Spell Compendium); Node Genesis (Champions of Ruin)





1st level:


2nd level: Clutch of Orcus (Spell Compendium)


3rd level:


4th level:


5th level: Dragon Breath (Complete Divine)


6th level:


7th level: Summon Aspect of Bahamut (Races of the Dragon)


8th level:


9th level:



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