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Habololy Main 


This section lists non-OGL domains from Wizards published materials that could be used for the deities of Habololy.  Required domains are in bold.  Underlined domains mean that one of the underlined domains must be selected, but both cannot be selected.

Name Domains
The Oldest Orc Knowledge, Patience, Time
Habastly Creation, Earth, Good, Plant, Sun, Weather
Treetop Animal, Fey, Good, Zeal
Smofarf Craft*, Earth, Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Rune, Spell
Lakius Air, Ocean, Seafolk, Storm, Water, Weather , Windstorm
Dedestroyt Death, Destruction, Repose, War
Tyrogatore Animal, Competition, Endurance, Scalykind, Strength, Temperance
Compture Evil, Trickery
Han~Sui Competition, Inquisition, Law, War, Wrath
Everentual Balance, Destiny, Knowledge, Time
Gruweas Evil, Inquisition, Law, Nobility
Celetal Knowledge, Oracle, Psionic, Temperance
Tommimao Liberation, Luck, Pleasure, Travel
Tfop Knowledge, Liberation, Luck, Magic, Patience
Falan Death, Magic, Repose, Undeath
Lavash'Ki Chaos, Greed, Luck, Ocean, Travel, Water
Frostine Cold, Evil, Winter
Sutyr Domination, Evil, Fire, Summer, Tyranny, War
Dresta Darkness, Evil, Moon, Trickery
Arsur'Anyodel Generosity, Good, Joy, Luck, Moon
Stasis Courage, Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, War, Zeal
Gnarion Good, Liberation, Patience, Strength, Cold
Quan Yin Generosity, Community, Family, Good, Peace, Temperance
Hemator Charity, Courage, Glory, Good, Healing, Law, Protection
Drunnbar Craft*, Earth, Patience, Protection, Strength
Chaos Chaos, Madness. Magic, Trickery
Vishtoo Bestial, Chaos, Destruction, Strength
Corahakar Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Travel, Trickery 
Loomashyn Chaos, Corruption, Evil, Gluttony, Madness, Pestilence, Slime
Wandle Evil, Fire, Lust, Spite, Trickery
Cult of the Slaughter Death
Cult of Amat War
Mouser City, Luck
Arsenal Earth, Knowledge, War
Melodi Generosity, Herald, Knowledge

* - The Craft Domain has been altered for Habololy due to the number of Banned spells in the domain.  The domain is as follows:


Granted Power: You cast Conjuration (Creation) spell at +1 caster level and gain Skill Focus as a bonus feat for one Craft skill of your choice.


Peace Domain Spells


Animate Rope

Makes a rope move at your command


Wood Shape

Rearranges wooden objects to suit you


Stone Shape

Sculpts stone into any shape




Wall of Stone

Creates a stone wall that can be shaped





Cube or cage of force imprisons all inside









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