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No other race is as difficult to grab a hold of, both figuratively and literally.  The only rule that one can follow when dealing with Gremlins is that nothing they have done or said before can be used to predict what they will do in the future.  The vast majority of Gremlins live in the jungles that were named for them, which separate the Dedestroytian peninsula from the main continent, and are called the Gremliv Jungles.

The origins of the race of Gremlins is unknown.  The humans of the Dedestroytian peninsula first noted them millenia ago.  Many scholars agree that they must have come into existence with the appearance of the deity Compture or Gremdelivian.  Some documents date Gremlin sightings before that.

The Gremlins prefer hot tropical climates.  They have never been found in below freezing temperatures or at sea of their own accord.

There is one distinction that can be made in the population.  When both Gremdelivian and Compture were deities, the Gremlins were split as to which one was the more important.  That split led to hatred between eastern and western Gremlins.  The western Gremlins believed Compture was the greater of the two, and the eastern Gremlins believed Gremdelivian was the greater.  The debate came to an abrupt end when Gremdelivian was trapped and slain.  The eastern gremlins were suddenly overmatched and nearly wiped out.  Those that remained traveled across the continent to live with the Jungle Elves.

While all Gremlins want to bring change to the world, the western Gremlins look to cause change that will more benefit themselves than anyone else.  The eastern gremlins, the few that are left, cause change just for the sake of change.

APPEARANCE:  Gremlins are small, thin, and often called the relatives of trolls because their green, pot-marked skin.  They have large black eyes, big ears, a hooked nose and claws on both their feet and hands; all features that are also found on trolls.  Gremlins have no hair, and if anyone has ever seen a female Gremlin, they have never spoken of there being any difference.  Gremlins tend to be between two and three feet tall.  They weigh no more than 30 pounds.  Gremlins are a strange race in that there have been sightings of Gremlins of up to large size and as small as tiny-sized.  There have been sightings of every color skin and eyes.  It is impossible to say how frequently these variations occur.

ALIGNMENTWestern Gremlins are never lawful, with an equal split between neutral and chaotic.  They are half evil, with a further equal split between neutral and good among the rest.  Eastern Gremlins are never lawful.  About one in four is evil, with the remainder split between neutral and good.


RELIGIONWestern Gremlins worships Compture almost exclusively.  They few that don't could worship any deity.  Eastern Gremlins tend to worship Falan, Treetop, and Tommimao.




Gremlins are small-sized, but suffer from an additionally reduced carrying capacity of one half, not two thirds


Gremlins have a base speed of 30ft


Gremlins have low light vision


Gremlins have an aura of bad luck which is described in full here


Gremlins are perfectly stable in the trees and suffer no penalties to attack rolls or skill checks when walking or climbing in trees


Gremlins receive a +4 bonus on all Climb skill checks


Gremlins receive a +2 competency bonus to all Craft (Trapmaking) skill checks


Gremlins receive a +2 bonus to all saving throws against poison


Gremlins favored class is Rogue or Sorcerer; which may be selected at any time


Gremlins receive a +4 bonus to Dexterity and a 4 penalty to Strength


Gremlins may select from the following racial feats: Dark Vision, Freakish Size (to medium sized), Tiny Fighting


Gremlins have an ECL+2


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