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Habololy Main 


Classes in the Kingdom of Yellowia



The path of the untrained warrior is uncommon but not unheard of.  Some Barbarians that live in the kingdom retain their old styles of combat.



There are a great many bards, who serve as entertainers and disseminators of information, both factual and false.  The Bardic College produces more bards than any other place on Habololy.



The faith of the peoples of the kingdom is strong, and there are an adequate number of clerics to meet their needs.



Remain the same as elsewhere on Habololy.



Cavalrymen and archers dominate the ranks of fighters.



Remain the same as elsewhere on Habololy, but since there is no unarmed tradition which originates in Yellowia, they are uncommon.



There are a large number of nobles in the kingdom.  Yellowia was one of the first nations to have nobles.  They play an integral part in the life of the people and the survival of the nation.   Everyone of noble birth has at least one level of Noble.



Remain the same as elsewhere on Habololy.



Remain the same as elsewhere on Habololy.


Psychic Warrior

Remain the same as elsewhere on Habololy.



The land of the Ranger, Yellowia has as many rangers as the rest of the main continent combined.  There are more rangers than fighters.  There are no urban rangers, as the urban areas are not large enough to warrant such a radical shift in teaching.

Both the two-weapon and archery styles are taught and lauded by the masses.



Remain the same as elsewhere on Habololy.



Remain the same as elsewhere on Habololy.



Yellowia’s tolerant society has fewer taboos about sorcerers than most nations.  They roam the streets without much fear of reprisal.



Tinkering is outlawed and tinkers are banned.



Remain the same as elsewhere on Habololy, albeit it slightly larger numbers.  This means that there may be a dozen in the nation.



Remain the same as elsewhere on Habololy, but in fewer numbers.  Formal training is not as emphasized in Yellowia as in other nations.  The tolerance of sorcerers causes some wizards to leave.


Prestige Classes

The following chart demonstrates the abundance or scarcity of a particular prestige class.  They are separated by type vertically and by scarcity horizontally.


Common: This prestige class is well known.  It is sought after and practiced by a large number of beings.  There is easily a hundred of each common prestige class living in the kingdom.


Uncommon: While this prestige class is fairly well known, there are only several dozen of them in the nation.


Rare: Only the best educated or those that have personally met one of them know of the prestige class.  There are less than five of them in the nation.


Unknown: For whatever reason, the prestige class is foreign to the kingdom.  There are no practitioners, and only the extremely knowledgeable would know of their existence. 


  Unknown Rare Uncommon Common
General • Elocater
• Meditator
• Arcane Crafter
• Armored Caster
• Assassin
• Cavalier
• Crime Lord
• Demolisher
• Diplomat
• Dream Caster
• Dwarf Crusher
• Gladiator
• Item Caster
• Oddsmaker
• Rager
• Sage
• Spy Agent
• Strategist
• Templar
• Weapon Caster
• Acrobat
• Elemental Caster
• Elite Solider
• Investigator
• Shipbound
• Summoner
• Marksmen
• Lighthorseman
Tradition-Based • Amatine Assassin
• Bane of Celetal
• Barbaric Protector
• Brotherhood of Blast mountain
• Horarian Assassin
• Knight of the Republic
• Lawcaller
• Red Guard
• Regulator
• Scaletouched
• Skypilot
• Arcane Singer
• Bladelord
• Dragonslayer
• Guardian
• Huntsman
• Knight of the White Sword
• Loremaster
• Mindshadow
• Nomad Lord
• Order of the Banished Hero
• Relic Hunter
• Sword Saint
• Deathsdoor Vigilant
• Order of the Sunlight Below
• Skymount
• Treewalker
• Weathersinger
• Beast Rider
• Equestromancer
• Eshalmon
• Giant Killer
• Order of the Trueheart
• Pathfinder
• Silversword
• Emerald Brigadier
Deity-Based • Deathfist
• Disciple of Falan
• Flame Master
• Icebringer
• Inquisitor
• Liberator
• Machinehead
• Mystic Theurge
• Peacebringer
• The Silent Order
• Spellbreaker
• Acolyte of the Moon
• Alchemist
• Bladelord
• Bloated
• Changer of Ways
• Cult Avatar
• Dead Stalker
• Keeper of the Arts
• Ladykiller
• Master Healer
• Seductress
• Truthholder
• Warden of Nature
• Wild Caster
• Grovetender
• Nightingale
• Animal Guard
Martial • Jaswapan Striker
• Warrior of Stone
• Boronk ek Korda
• Emenotan
• Jaegenklars
• Pugilist
• Sawelleaf Defender
• Feyalin
• Wrestler


Of Particular Note

For one reason or another, the following prestige classes have a special significance on the Plateau.  See the Additional Prestige Classes book for detailed descriptions of these classes.


Eshalmon: The first Eshalmon were knighted in Yellowia nearly five hundred years ago by the famous cleric Janoy Katan.  While the way of life has spread slightly, it is in Yellowia where the majority is found.


Equestromancer: The elegant mixture of spells and cavalry in mastered in the form of the Equestromancer; a style which was designed by the Yellowian military.


Beast Rider: In Yellowia, the most common beast riders are those that ride Hippogriffs.  Many of these aspire to become members of the Emerald Brigade.


Animal Guard: Yellowia is home to more animal guards than any other nation.  The guard of all of the following animals are known to live in the kingdom: horse, griffon, hippogriff, bees, bovine,


Silversword: The founded of the Silverswords lived in the city of Palata, where their hall still stands today.


Order of the Trueheart: The founder of the order was a Yellowian noble.  The Truheart family is a noble family to this day, and lives on the lands surrounding the bardic college, which is the traditional home of the order.


Giant Killer: Although there are giant killers throughout Habololy, it is in Yellowia where the hunt of the Hill Giant is perfected.


Unique to Yellowia:

The following prestige classes are found only in Yellowia and not well known outside of the kingdom:


Lighthorseman: The fastest cavalry in the world reside in the kingdom of Yellowia.  They come from all classes and form elite units or act as unmatched messengers.  Virtually all Lighthorsemen are trained in the military.  Many partake in a series of races held throughout the kingdom to crown the King’s Wreath.  (see Appendix 1)


Emerald Brigadier: There are beast riders, and then there is the Emerald Brigade.  An elite group of cavalry that ride Hippogriffs exclusively.  Only the best cavalry soldiers are selected to join this organization, and only half of those selected ever wear the Emerald Ring that signifies the rank.

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