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Behind the Scenes

Habololy Main 

Parker Berko

Parker was, quite literally, brought up in the Bardic College in Icefia.  His parents, both, were noted scholars and longtime professors at the College.  A great causer of mischief, Parker’s name could be routinely heard being shouted through the halls and classrooms that make up the college.  Upon attaining the required age, Parker attended the College and bounced from subject to subject without any one in particular catching his interest.  That is, until a traveling adventurer, a goblin by the name of Tiberus Flintstick arrived and taught for the better part of a year.  Flintstick was an adventurer and a good friend of many of the faculty in attendance at the college at the time.  Being the curious sort, Parker took one of Flintstick’s classes.  It turns out it was a history class.  A class on the history of the “Tinkocracy”.  Tinkers and their creations fascinated Parker.  Soon after taking Flintstick’s class Parker began to dabble in Tinkering, much to the consternation of his parents.  Many were the night that neighbors to the Berko’s were rudely awakened by the thunderous retort of an explosion.  After numerous trips to the infirmary, threats of expulsion, and the threat of the sacking of his parents, Parker relented from his experiments.   

By this time Parker was widely known by the College populous at large and he, in turn, knew so many of the students, staff, and faculty, it is no wonder that students, young and old, began asking him if he knew of people or ways to get items that were not exactly “allowed” on the campus grounds.  And so began Parker’s career as a “finder of ‘things’” as he was known.  His ability to find things of interest grew as did his list of contacts.  The sons and daughters of the wealthy and noble were his customers and through them he was able to accomplish much more than anyone would have guessed.  Around this time Parker, continuing his interest in history, became fascinated with the lost arcane items of the elder nations and of those that came before.   

When Parker left the Bardic College, he traveled the length and breadth of Icefia looking for lost artifacts.  Everywhere he went he used the connections he made while at the college and made many new ones.  He took commissions to find lost and stolen Heirlooms from the wealthy and noble’s.   Parker has been to Port Springs, every Icefian coastal city, and Northut. He has also been to Port Talp. 

Parker is 32 years old and has been away from his family for about 9 years.  He visits then when the occasion arises and has seen them somewhere in the vicinity of 12 times since he moved out of their home at the Bardic College at the age of 23.
In Icefia, Parker was petitioned by the an anonymous member of the aristocracy to help locate several potent magical weapons stolen from his personal collection. Enemies of the King of the Midlands Oliver Westrom were going to use the weapons to attempt to kill the Kings family, including his brother Leon. Parker ended up thwarting their plans and an attempt to reactivate an ancient clicker by a group of evil tinker gnomes.
In the land of Gnarland, Parker, with the assistance of some Ice gnomes, including Piper Gnoteway, were sent to see if they could recover religious artifacts taken during battles with the Chosen of Frostine. The group eventually uncovered an old keep used by the Chosen of Frostine. The hidden keep had been used to store weapons that were used against the Ice Gnomes, several of the missing religious artifacts, and evidence of other larger hidden keeps in the frozen west.
Parker was contacted by another wealthy Lord, who did not/would not reveal their true identity, and told that he had 7 heirloom items stolen and contracted Parker to find them. Parker found all of the items in the home of a powerful Sorcerer, in Cape Tolya, and successfully absconded with the 7 heirlooms right from under the sorcerer's nose. Upon returning the items to the individual who had hired him, Parker was attacked and almost killed by his employer and some henchmen. After a few years, Parker found word of items matching the descriptions of the ones he took and tracked them down. He managed to get several of the items before being discovered and having to flee. The sales of these items, to his contacts in the black market, have helped Parker travel and live the adventurers' life. Parker, though, has had several near fatal run-ins with the sorcerer he stole from.
Parker has several Historians and collectors that he does legitimate business with. He has standing agreements to pass along to several individuals items that they might find interesting in exchange for money.

  Class:  Tinker / Rogue / Relic Hunter / Wizard        
  Size: Medium Height:  5'11" Weight:  lbs.  
  Hair: Sandy in ponytail Eyes: Blue Skin: Caucasian  
  Age: 32          
  Str: 16 HP: 56      
  Dex: 16 Initiative: +7 Dex (+3); Improved Initiative (+4)  
  Con: 13 Speed: 30 ft.  
  Int: 18 (includes headband) AC: 22 Chain Shirt (+5); Dexterity (+3); Bracers (+3); Dodge (+1)  
  Wis: 14          
  Cha: 13          
    Notable Equipment:       Notable Skills:  
    Chain Shirt +1       Open Lock +18  
    Ring of Protection +1       Spellcraft +16  
    Amulet of Natural Defense +1       Knowledge (History) +16  
    Bracers of Deflection +2       Hide +15  
    Headband of Insight       Search +14  
    Cloak of Resistance +1       Appraise +14  
    Ring of Sustenance       Tinkering +12  
    Shocking Quarterstaff       Disable Device +12  
    4 Cure Light Wound Scrolls          
            Notable Feats:  
    Spells Usually Memorized:     1st Technology  
    0 - Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Ghost Sounds, Light   learned Combat Expertise  
    1st - Silent Image, Charm Person, Disguise Self   3rd Quick Draw  
          Wizard Summon Familiar, Scribe Scroll  
    Notable Abilities:     Human Improved Initiative  
    My First Toy     6th Defensive Throw  
    Sneak Attack +2d6     9th Hold the Line  
    Trapfinding     learned Improved Trip  
    Quick Fix     learned Defensive Strike  
    Evasion     learned Improved Disarm  
    Trap Sense +2   Anti Feat Dodge / Fussy  
    Skills of the Trade   Anti Feat Improved Unarmed Strike / Cautious  
    Bard-like Knowledge   Relic Hunter Nimble Fingers  
    Uncanny Sense   Relic Hunter Weapon Focus (Firearms)  
        Tinker Investigator  
    Familiar   learned Melee Evasion  
    Raven - Shank        





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