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Behind the Scenes

Habololy Main 

Grant Helodan            


Grant grew up a child of the middle class in the realm of the Wood Duke.  His father is a woodcrafter and frequently commissioned by the house of the Wood Duke for his finely crafted furniture and wares.  His mother is one of the head Maids in the Dukes Mansion and has worked and directed most of the mansion staff at one point or another.   

At an early age Grant saw Hervaniori the Untouchable come through the town and saw him compete against several of the Dukes best men in competitions of strength and endurance.  That same day Grant went to his parents and told them that he wanted to be a cleric of Tyrogatore.  Grants father approached Hervaniori that same evening and asked if he would take Grant as a pupil.  Hervaniori, who had been traveling through the realms of the forest to collect/earn money to help fund the building of temples and shrines to Tyrogatore, told him that, for an adequate donation, he would take Grant on as a pupil.  When Grant's father was told the amount of the “adequate” donation, Grant’s dreams almost died.  Hervaniori said that he would return in 6 months time to collect the donation, and the child if the donation was acceptable.   

For the next 6 months, Grant’s father took on extra commissions and worked both day and night to earn the money to send Grant on his way.  Grant helped out however he could, delivering completed items to his fathers customers, fetching materials from vendors.   

After the 6 months had passed, Hervaniori did indeed return to the realm of the Wood Duke.  Grant and his father sought Hervaniori out bringing with them a chest that contained the “donation”.  Grant and his father looked on as Hervaniori counted the payment.  There was slightly more than the requested amount contained within the chest.  After counting, Hevaniori stood up and said to Grant’s father, who looked haggard after the months of hard work, “This is sufficient”.  To Grant he said “You are now my pupil and a disciple of Tyrogatore.  Go and gather your things and meet me back here in ten minutes time, your training begins now.”  Grant ran home to quickly collect his things and say goodbye to his mother.  He left her with tears still streaming down her face.  “I love you.  Don’t worry!” he called back as he ran out the door and down the street.  “I’ll be back soon.”  

Out of breath, he returned to where his father and Havaniori were still standing.  His father looked a bit bemused and uncertain, but happy.  Happier than Grant had seen him in six months.  Hervaniori, bent down to the chest, still on the ground where Grant and his father had left it, opened it up, took out a small amount of coin and put it in a pouch on his belt.  Hervaniori then stood up and telling Grant to follow him began to leave.  Grant bade his father farewell and began to follow Hervaniori.  When he passed the chest of money, still on the ground, he called out “Hey, you forgot the chest!”  Hervaniori continued to walk and it was Grant’s father who answered.  “I have been commissioned to make furniture for several of the temples to Tyrogatore.  This is part of the commission, paid in advanced.  You better hurry up now son.”  

Grant soon caught up with Hervaniori.  They walked in silence for a time until they passed the last of the farmsteads on the outskirts of the Wood Duke’s realm.  There, Grant had his first of many “Prayer” sessions and so began his indoctrination into the faith of Tyrogatore. 

Many years would pass before Grant would leave the tutelage of Hervantiori, but he eventually did.  He traveled the realms of the great forest in much the same way that Hervantiori did, seeking new congregants and places to build shrines and temples.  In one town, the Halfling village of Timberfalls, near the Boiling Line, Grant entered the village as the villagers were finishing pushing back an attack by a band of Wugs.  Grant watched the end of the fighting and saw several of the villagers were using the same martial arts style, and an effective style it was!  He offered healing to those who were injured, but, after seeing the holy symbol of Tyrogatore, only a few of the injured combatants accepted his offer.  Grant spoke to several of the Halflings and found out that there was a contingent of the “Halfling Foot” in residence at the town because of the frequent Wug attacks.  Grant went to the leaders of “the Foot” and asked to be trained in the martial style he saw them use in the battle.  Grant was put through a series of tests and trials before being directed to Harpen Arcile, an easy going Halfling assigned to train non-halflings in the Emenotan style.  

 Grant has most recently fought in the tournament for the seat of High Cleric for the Temple in Palumbton and fought against the Orkish Armus sent to conquer the lands between the Nation of the Orcs and Palumbton, where he single handedly took on and triumphed over a contingent of “irregular soldiers”..

For stories of Grant's activity following the Battle of the Forest Coalition, click here.

  Class:   Cleric 7 / Emenotan 6  
  Size: Medium Height: 5'8" Weight: 150 lbs.  
  Hair: Blond Eyes: Hazel Skin: Tan  
  Age: 33 (Kiusta/23/750)          
  Str: 14 HP: 115      
  Dex: 18 (includes gloves of Dexterity) Initiative: +4 Dexterity (+4)  
  Con: 18 Speed: 50 ft.    
  Int: 14 AC: 23  
  Wis: 15          
  Cha: 12          
            Notable Skills:  
    Notable Equipment:       Concentration +28  
    Ring of Enchanted Strikes +2 (not worn)     Tumble +14  
    Gloves of Dexterity +4       Knowledge (Religion) +10  
    Bracers of Armor +4          
    Monk's Belt          
    Amulet of Mighty fists +2          
    Ring of Shielding +2   Languages:    
    Ring of Freedom of Movement   Common (literate)  
    Feathered Serpent Tattoo        
    Juggernaut Tattoo     Notable Feats:  

Cleric Favored Weapon      

Improved Unarmed Strike
    Replace Turn Undead      Stunning Fist
        1st      Dodge
    Notable Abilities: Human       
    Grappling Novice   3rd       
    Powerful Strikes Anti Feat      Fist of Iron / Weapon Bound
    Parry   Learned      Melee Evasion
    Smimes Flying Kick   Learned      Defensive Strike
    Tolo's Lightning Drop   6th      Divine Justice
    Strength in Concentration   9th      Falling Star Strike
        12th      Divine Armor
    Spells Usually Memorized:

Feathered Serpent     

Mind Over Body  
    1st - Bless, Shield of Faith, Divine Favor

Anti Feat     

Imbue Weapon / Grudge Keeper
    2nd - Silence, Aid, Hold Person    
    3rd - Awaken Sin, Magic Vestment

Feathered Serpent     

Wild Talent  
    4th - Divine Power  

Anti Feat     

Extra Stunning Fist / Divine Gestures  

Anti Feat     

Combat Expertise / Domain Devotion
    Competition (only one due to domain devotion)        




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