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An excerpt from the stories of Toivyr Clicksmash, half-orcish bard and Warden of Nature

                 It is the duty of all who hear these words and know the tale to act accordingly.  In the years past, all have seen the horrors brought about by the Tinkocracy and their clickers.  It was a reign of metal over flesh and clicker over magic.  It was evil in the guise of progression, chaos in the guise of advancement, cruelty in the guise of order.

                Folly, folly, to think that these things only occurred once, and will never again.  Lest we forget the same treacheries that Habololy has met with before the Tinkocracy.  The many incarnations of Amat, some which lasted longer, some that killed more, some that continue in the form of his nation and his daughter.  Lest we forget when the cults held more power over our neighbors and our kin; when the Spider Queen, Chaos, and sheep-cloaked Hemator defied the Counsil.

                And these treacheries are not limited to the realm of deity and god.  The Gree once ruled the seas with a clenched claw, preventing all from the sea’s glory.  And when the sea was liberated, those liberators, the Horarians, in time became an equal threat.  The Vishtoo spread like locust when they choose to bring harm to the world.  Killing the strong and taking from the weak.  Nations can go quickly from proud, noble, and goodly, to maniacal, lowly, and dangerous.  That is the way of things…

                Know that in your memories must first come these things.  What has happened will happen again.  Until the end, things will continue to occur again and again.  Never do they occur the same, but never wholly different.  It is to us to recognize the signs for when these events will occur, and although we cannot stop them, we can be prepared.  In things as small as your axe chopping the wood of another oak, but not the exact one, to as large as the rise and fall of the empire, every time a different emperor, but the same nation.

            Even I have spoken these similar words before and will again.  But not exactly me, and not exactly here.  The same is true of you, who have heard this before.  Remember what I say, so that should you hear it again, you will know that it is not wasted.


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