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Habololy Main 


History of the Kingdom of Yellowia





Before the Kingdom

1100 BC

For the first time, the lands known as Yellowia do not fall under the control of any nation or empire.  The humans that live there begin to carve out lives in the untamed land.


1095 BC

The city of Meldrage is established at the end of what in then known as the Valley River.  It is the major trading post for the land.


1066 BC

The cities of Flopest and Delst are founded by a wealthy merchant whose name is no longer known.


1042 BC

The Crystal dwarves encounter the peoples of Yellowia for the first time as the people are mining.  They begin a trading relationship with the peoples.


1021 BC

The city of Delst is destroyed by the Hill Giants.  The peoples of Yellowia have no answer to the attack.


931 BC

A group of rangers, known as the Guardians of the Grasslands, forms as a kind of military force to protect the town and cities.  They collect donations from every town and city to fund their group.  One of their prominent members is Mikael Astar.


The Astar Dyynasty

871 BC

After years of debate, and a final realization that some better form of government is needed, the collected cities and towns decide to crown a king.  The most respected member of the Guardians of the Grasslands is chosen almost unanimously.  His name is Gregory Astar.

Gregory I

850 BC

The borders of Yellowia are officially defined in the Gregorian Borders, an edict sent from the king to all neighboring lands.  The lands stretch from the sea in the east to the great forest in the west, from the edge of the grasslands in the north to the hills in the south.  Several small border wars break out over the next ten years, all of which are won by the kingdom.

Gregory I

807 BC

The king grants nobility to ten families, and creates the system of government that will remain in place nearly unchanged up to the current year.


802 BC

The Castle of the King, which would come to be known as Yellow Castle, Castle Yellowia, and eventually Saint Lawrence is completed.  King Calvin dies one day after its completion.


790 BC

The Crystal Dwarves lock themselves away in the caves and stop all trade.  No one in the kingdom knows why.


750 BC

The city of Compoge is founded.


717 BC

The king orders all explorers and adventurers to find a path through the hills.  The winner will be awarded nobility and the path will be named for him.


713 BC

Harold Bokan finds a continuous path of valleys through a fifty mile stretch of hills.  He is awarded nobility and the path is forever known as Bokan’s Pass.


711 BC

The first successful traversing of the southern hills by a caravan.  Trade with the elves to the south increase threefold.

Joseph II

701 BC

Falcon Tower is built as a guard post for the pass through the hills and a base for the giant killers.

Joseph II

693 BC

The elven jungles and all of its inhabitants become a protectorate of the kingdom.

Joseph II

650 BC

The city of Midway is founded.  It was inspired by the large merchant caravans that would group in the location of the future city before and after heading through the hills.


623 BC

The new Yellowian long ship goes into use.  Over the next fifty years, they detail the entire eastern coast and beyond.  None ever return with word of land to the east.


619 BC

The king is lost at sea after insisting there must be land directly to the east.


600 BC

The queen begins construction of a new fortress that will be the largest in the world when complete.


598 BC

For their contribution of metals and skill to the building of the new fortress, the Steelablde family is made a noble family.


589 BC

The great fortress is completed.  A noble family, the Umanin, is given control of it.  The jungle elves are displeased with the choice and spend the next 50 years boycotting and censoring the kingdom.


531 BC

The only heir to the throne is a 4 year old boy, Blaren.  For 12 years, a regent rules while the boy is too young.


466 BC

The city of Stopon is founded at the Three Points if the river.


412 BC

The elven family of Hives is granted nobility for their amazing skill at beekeeping.  They are the first elven family to be granted nobility.


405 BC

The Graplore is held in Flopest.  It is the first Graplore to be held in Yellowia.


404 BC

The Suian is held in Flopest.  It is the first Suian to be held in Yellowia.


386 BC

Admantium is mined for the first time in the hills of Yellowia.  It is the only time in the kingdom’s history that admantium is mined.

Gregory III

328 BC

The king disappears in a magical experiment.  His brother takes the throne and decrees that no member of the royal family shall ever be allowed to be a Conjurer again.


311 BC

The Padwell family is first given nobility after they demonstrate the greatest skill at sheep herding.


307 BC

Seeing the need to separate the noble families in some way, the king creates three categories of nobles.  Those noble families that have been in existence since the creation of the nobility are called high noble families, other noble families that own land are called landed nobles, and those that are in the city and own no land are called city nobles.


305 BC

The Graplore is held in Undrile.


304 BC

The Suian is held in Undrile.


301 BC

The D’Aigo family is granted nobility after they demonstrate the greatest skill at ranching.


300 BC

The Poed family, a Halfling family of cooks from the great forest, is made the royal chefs.


254 BC

The last original noble family, the Silvernar family, ends when the only living daughter marries into another family.  Seeing the power void, the king changes the law to say that any noble family that has existed for 500 years or more is considered a high noble family.


197 BC

In a grand gesture, the Umanin invite the elves to control a quarter of the great fortress.  The elves accept, and the relationship between the race and nation appears stronger than ever.


190 BC

The queen is assassinated.  Although it is blamed on Amatine Gnomes, it becomes common knowledge that it was the Umanin.  None have the power to openly accuse them.


176 BC

The “Elven Slaughter” is perpetrated by the Umanin family.  The Umanin family kills 4000 elves in one day after luring them into a city for a festival.   Later that year, the king is slain during the battle between the elves and the Umanin.  It is unclear on whose side he was fighting.

Jeremy II

169 BC

The jungles elves lay siege to the fortress, but fail miserably after two years of it.


154 BC

A horde of humanoids attack Yellowia.  It is all the nation can do to hold them at the borders.  The attacks last for ten years, during which, Yellowia is hindered from fighting the Doggeden War.


111 BC

For their exemplary service in the Doggeden War, the Elswind family is granted nobility.


100 BC

In the last official act before the end of the Astar line, Queen Ellen awards the Poed family nobility.  They are awrded this because of their two centuries of service as the monarchy’s cooks.  The Poed family is the first noble Halfling family.


100 BC

The last Astar, Ellen, is killed by a Gnomish Assassin.  Although there is much speculation the assassin was hired by the Umanin family, there is no proof.  The Umanin take the throne.


The Umanin Dynasty

96 BC

For their mastery of hunting, and being one of the only families of Huntsmen in the kingdom, the Ellis family is granted nobility.


93 BC

For their unmatched training of horses for the king, the Vanguard family is given nobility.


75 BC

The elves and the southern noble families begin a 20 year uprising against the Umanin family.


73 BC

King Bernard is slain in battle by the elven warrior Kur’tellian on the edge of the jungle.  His son, a wizard, takes the throne.  The war becomes worse, as the wizard king holds no honor in battle, unlike his father.

Carlton “The Ruthless”

56 BC

The Umanin finally retreat when Carlton is slain.  Their new monarch holds the title and succeeds the western lands of Yellowia from the kingdom that has rejected them.  The third royal line begins.  The first Harticutt is crowned.

Michael I

The Harticutt Dynasty

54 BC

They most successful family at infiltrating the Umanin during the war is granted nobility and the name of Umanibane.


42 BC

The city of Endeage is founded.  It is built overtop of the small town of Golden at the end of a river fork in the Astarian River.  The king proclaims it will be a new and glorious city to mark the new Harticutt Dynasty.  In exchange for the land, the Golden family is made a noble family.

Michael I

30 BC

The city of Undrile agrees to enter the kingdom, which has its first port on the southern coast of the continent.


1 AC

The king announces that the Valley River is hence forth to be known as the Astaran River.


25 AC

The first clash between the Dedestroytian Empire and the kingdom occurs.  Advanced parties from each nation meet in the lands north of Hertoplowis.  For over 175 years, the two great nations will clash over the lands south of the great forest.  The lands exchange hands many times

Michael II

29 AC

The king is slain in combat with the emperor of Dedestroyt.  When his sister Sarah, a cleric of Treetop, takes the throne, the war swings to the advantage of Dedestroyt.

Michael II

65 AC

The Trueheart Family is made a noble city family because of their contributions in the war against the Dedestroytian Empire


76 AC

The Maxwell family is made a noble family after they lead successful negotiations with the Dedestroytian Empire.


95 AC

The Emerald Brigade is founded.


116 AC

Sar, known as the Rough of Meldrage wins the Suian in the Orcish city of Melg.  He is a half-orc.

Thomas II

123 AC

The king dismisses his army and stands alone against 2500 Dedestroytian soldiers.  He is a wizard of great power, but not enough.  He is slain after decimating half of the army that stood against him.

Thomas II

129 AC

The first barbarian family is granted nobility for its superior contributions to the kingdom.  They are known as the Redhawks.

Michael III

140 AC

The Graplore is held in Endeage.


141 AC

The Suian is held in Endeage.  Lyle Ivy, a Yellowian soldier, wins.


182 AC

The Battle of Gnoll Tooth Pass.  The last great battle between the kingdom and the Dedestroytian Empire.  Nearly 200,000 warriors do battle over two weeks.  The battle was nearly lost when the king led a charge with his personal guard.  They brought the battle to a standstill, but died to a man with the king.  The Emperor, upon seeing this display, was so impressed, that he retired from the field.

Christopher II

197 AC

The Treaty of Lower Land is signed between the two great nations.  The lands between the Gremliv jungles and the Gnoll Hills are made a neutral zone.  The long war is over.


201 AC

After Centuries of isolation, the Crystal dwarves return to the surface to trade with the kingdom.

Michael IV

205 AC

Under the guidance of Tommimao, the Yellow Grass is cultivated for the first time into a form that can be smoked.  Its effects are very different of various races.  It comes to be known as ‘Yellowsmoke’.

Michael IV

209 AC

The king bans the production and use of ‘Yellowsmoke’ after it is blamed for deformities and insanity.

Michael IV

212 AC

The southern islands of Yellowia are sunk by Amat during his last return to Habololy.  The dwarves that had lived there and done much of Yellowia’s mining are all but wiped out.

Michael IV

215 AC

Known as the ‘Killer of Dryphons’, the barbarian Kotar is granted nobility for his unmatched service to the kingdom.  His family is known as Wyrmsbane.

Michael IV

218 AC

Kaldur Death kills King Michael IV and the nation’s four sun general Christine Lanceer, along with several nobles and other generals.  This symbolic act weakens Yellowia’s power in the eyes of many nations.

Michael IV

222 AC

The First Borkonic War begins.  The legendary Borkon the Rusted leads his humanoid army against the combined forces of Yellowia and the Orcish Empire.  While the war is bloody, it does not devastate much land.  The Yellowians and orcs win, but fail to destroy Borkon’s stronghold.

Brian I

248 AC

The Bardic College of Yellowia is founded by Lady Allyson Trueheart.  She uses her family lands, and they become the first lands, other than a city, to be owned by no one person.

Brian I

251 AC

Compoge is renamed to Palata after constant requests and arguments from the Bardic College.

Brian I

258 AC

In his second attempt to create a mighty nation, Borkon the Rusted attacks Yellowia.  The war lasts for four years as Borkon leads his armies against all of his neighbors.  The western lands are emptied, as those that live there fear Borkon.  After the war ends, the kingdom has lost some land to Borkon, and it would be thirty years before the people would return the border lands.

Brian I

291 AC

Lucas Silversword wins the Suian in Twin Boulder in the String Mountains.


324 AC

After five years of planning, the king lures dozens of dragons into the eastern forest.  An army of ten thousand of the best soldiers there are in Yellowia waits for them.  Only two dragons escape, but 7500 of the soldiers are killed.  It is the single deadliest day for dragons during The Hunt.  The king decrees that the forest will be known as the Skywatch Forest.

Michael V

326 AC

Condor Tower is built in the Skywatch Forest.

Michael V

355 AC

The Western Woods Winter War, known as 4W, occurs for the first time.  The drow elves infiltrate the western woods during the dark winter months.  They cause some confusion and loot and pillage.

Brian II

372 AC

The city of Northguard is founded.  It has previously been a military base.

Brian III

391 AC

Trevor Harticutt of the royal family wins the Suian.

Brian III

402 AC

After thirty years of dedication to finally ending the scourge of the Umanin Kingdom, king Brian III, known as the Tireless, breaks into the Umanin fortress.  Although he is slain in the last battle, the Umanin are broken and their kingdom over.

Brian III

435 AC

The elves, no longer having to fear a deadly neighbor nation, petition to be freed from any ties to the kingdom.  Some nobles protest and raise an army.  They march to the jungles and begin to capture town after town of the elves.  Before the army reaches an elven stronghold, the king decides to let the elves have their autonomy.


438 AC

An earthquake causes the Astarian River to split into three at its mouth.


440 AC

Newporton is founded in the newly formed delta at the mouth of the Astarian River.


471 AC

The king, the first and only king to also be a Grovetender of Habastly, announces that the King’s Forest is to be completely cleaned of all unnatural creatures.


494 AC

The Battle of the Spotted Eagle occurs, and the Grean Navy is defeated.  325 Yellowian ships take part in the battle.


501 AC

The cleansing of the King’s Forest is completed.  A child can now walk through the entire forest and never fear harm from anything more than a bear or wolf.


567 AC

The king, Fredrick, after 35 years of rule during the dark time of the Tinkocracy, announces that he is stepping down.  He decrees that the four sun general Martine Garnetsmen will be regent until his death, at which time the monarchy will return to power.  The high nobles are outraged, but cannot overcome the popularity of the general.


569 AC

The armies of Borkondof attack Yellowia.  In the worst years in the history of the nation, Yellowia is ravaged by the marauding army.  Martine’s military genius keeps the Yellowian army alive.

Martine *

574 AC

In an attempt to consolidate power and protect the kingdom, Martine relinquishes the Kingdom’s control of all lands south of the hills.  There is a mass exodus to the north as people fear life without the king’s protections.

Martine *

576 AC

The city of Midway is renamed Southgate.

Martine *

580 AC

The drug “Yellowsmoke’ is produced again.  Although Martine has continued the centuries old ban on it, he does not have the resources to prevent it.

Martine *

599 AC

Martine dies at the age of age of 73 after a hard life.  He is the first man to not be king and to be granted a king’s services at his death.  The nobles gather and debate what should happen.  Fredrick and all of his sons are dead, although he has living grandchildren.  After eight months of debate, near war, and some small battles, the grandson of Fredrick, Timothy, is crowned.

Timothy III

603 AC

The Wyrmsbane and Redhawk families marry and combine their lands.  They become known as the Wyrmhawk family.

Timothy III

631 AC

The first King’s Wreath races are held.

Michael VI

671 AC

A river begins to flow out of the hills.  It is named the Trimany river after the half-elf that found the spring from which the river flows.


688 AC

The giants attempt to dam the Trimany river at its source.  A war ensues.

Thomas IV

690 AC

The king is killed by a giant’s rock.  His sister, the new queen, stops the war for four years.

Thomas IV

694 AC

The queen sends the army back into the hills.  The Battle of the Broken Damn takes place.  The army destroys the dam and drives off the giants.  They stay there for the next ten years, repelling every attack until the giants give up.


701 AC

Hawk Tower is built as a companion to Falcon Tower.  Hawk Tower guards the city of Trimany.


701 AC

James Rockheart wins the Suian competition held in Tas-tio-Horari.


717 AC

The king pushes to have all ‘Yellowsmoke’ eliminated from the kingdom.  In the past century, it has infiltrated into much of the populace.  Many fight against his edict, but over the course of three years, it is all but wiped out.

Brian V

722 AC

The fourth Borkonic War occurs.  It lasts for 6 years, and three kings are slain.  The nobles blame the royal family for starting the war.

Brian V

731 AC

After the disappearance of Queen Cassidy, who herself was a second cousin of the last king, there were no Harticutts of note to take the throne.  The High Nobles gathered to appoint a new royal line.  It was first offered to the Steelblade family, who declined.  The Padwell family accepted, and Theodore became their first king.


The Padwell Dynasty

735 AC

The king enacts a law which requires a soldier must serve at least two years in the service of the national army before they can reach the rank of captain.


739 AC

The high noble family Umanibane, are stripped of their rank and banished from the nation.  They had been insisting that all Umanin should be wiped out since the fall of their kingdom.  The king grew tired of their rhetoric.  They are the first high noble family to be banished in 350 years.


755 AC

In an attempt to curb the power of the pirates, Yellowia joins 13 other nations in signing the Merchant Ship Order of Rights.  It allows for freer trade between the signers and more cooperation in fending off the pirates.


763 AC

The king decrees that no creature in the The King’s Forest shall be hunted.  He declares it a sanctuary for all animals and beasts in the name of Habastly and Treetop.


771 AC

The king legalizes the use, but not the consumption of ‘Yellowsmoke’.


774 AC

The first Lizardfolk is appointed to the nobility.  The Gatori family, Silt, is a noble family of Newporton.


778 AC

The first troll in one hundred years is spotted in the Yellowian farmlands.



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