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Government of Yellowia


            Yellowia’s system of government has worked for over 1500 years, with only minor variations on the original design.  Amazing, only a few nations have mimicked the style, and of those that have, none have achieved the success of Yellowia.

            The monarch, who is a king unless extreme circumstances dictate otherwise, holds the ultimate authority.  He can overrule any judge, noble, or general.  At one time, he could dismiss nobles and create and negate laws at will.  These two powers were taken away from the king with the crowning of the first Harticutt, and changed in response to the abuses of the Umanin.  The king still has the power to appoint and promote nobles.  Also, he retains the power to appoint and dismiss judges, although he usually cedes this power to the nobles, due to a lack of time.  Generals and the Grand Admiral are appointed by the king.

            When a monarch dies, the order of succession goes as follows:


  1. son (if over 14 years old)

  2. brother

  3. uncle

  4. male first cousin

  5. mother

  6. daughter

  7. sister

  8. male second cousin

  9. aunt

  10. female second cousin


If none of the above are found, all of the high nobles meet to decide if any person is related closely enough to the king to take his place.  If no such relative is found, the long ranking high noble family is offered the crown.  If that family declines, it goes onto the next senior high noble family.

            Laws, which were once the sole purview of the monarchy, now must be voted upon by all of the landed nobles and the lord mayor of each city.  To overrule the king, two-thirds of the nobles must vote against him.  Currently, including the Lord Mayors, there are 519 votes, which mean that 346 is the number required.  In recent years, the king has seen his laws overturned on numerous occasions.  Local laws, those that apply to a noble’s estate or to a city, are under the control of the nobles.  However, they must be reviewed by the residing judge before being allowed.  City laws are voted upon by all nobles living in the city.

Ranks of Nobility 

Noble Title

How Achieved

High Noble

500+ years of being a landed noble.

Landed Noble

Granted land after at least 50 years as a city noble.

City Noble

Granted nobility of the monarch.

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