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Races of the Rosetree Kingdom


There are no Bugbears living in the Kingdom.

There are no dwarves living in the Kingdom.

Elves make up the majority of subjects of the Rosetree Monarchy. Among those elves, the Northern Elves are extreme majority. There are no drow elves, and only a few scaled, jungle and desert.

There has always been a small contingent of gnomes in the kingdom. The vast majority of these are plateau gnomes, and the majority of those live in the mining town of Hopea Toive. Although Amatine gnomes and Tinker gnomes arenít forbidden, any that arrive are closely watched.

There are no Gree living in the kingdom.

Many of the Half-Elves of Habololy live in the Rosetree Forest. Some are treated with the same respect as any fellow elf and some are treated as outcasts and are mistrusted by the many of the Elves. The views are different based on which elf you ask and also dependent upon the actions of the half-elf you are asking about. The one difference is that a fellow elf might give another elf the benefit of the doubt when judging their actions but a half would receive no such advantage.

There are no Half-Orcs living in the kingdom.

There are few halflings living amongst the elves. However, these races have much in common and get along well

There are some humans that live amongst and trade with the elves. The humans that live there are mostly of the standard type, with some barbarians.

There are no lizardfolk living in the kingdom

There are few Nipits living amongst the elves. However, there are some that come and study song and magic with the Elves. There are also some Nipits who enjoy the forest and study with the elven clerics of Habastly and Treetop.
The northern elves tend to pity the Nipits and their plight.

There are no Orcs living in the kingdom.

There are very few but some have come to study magic with the elves and some have found a common home with the Valonas.

Other Notable Races
The kingdom has a number of fey and is home to the winged elves known as the Valona.

Total Population: 400,000

In Cities: 0%

Racial Breakdown: (80% Elves, 8% Half-Elves, 7% Humans, 5% Other)


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