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Habololy Main 



Founded:  c1000 BC

Capital:  Nomagrok

Population:  815,200 (80% dwarf, 10% humans, 10% gnomes)

Government:   Monarchy

Ruler:  King Fathcan Sledgehammer

Major Religions:  none

Active Cults:  Cult of Drunnbar

Allied Nations:  The Kingdom of Frost

Enemy Nations:  Dwarven Kingdom, Grean Republic, Thynkizland


Size:  75,000

Climate:  Sub-Arctic 

Major Terrain:  Mountains 

Subsistence:  Mining

                Secondary:  Grazing, Light Agriculture 


National Feats:  No Friend of the Arcane, Raised in War


Magic Level:  None

Technology Level:  Very High

Trade Level:  Very Low

                Exports:  Ale, Stone

                Imports:  Livestock

Coin:  Dwarven Currency


Major Cities:  Rfoste (230,000)


Called the nation that Drunnbar built, Nomagrok is founded on the principle that the world would be a better place if there were less magic in it.  It is difficult to say when the nation officially began.  Clan Sledgehammer has existed for as long as any dwarven clan, and had distanced themselves from the other clans before 1000 BC.  It was not until around 1000 BC that the clan claimed any land outside of their city, but it would take centuries before all of the other nations recognized Nomagrok.


The nation is at a constant state of war with the String Mountain Kingdom.  Although this does not take the form of open war daily, it does mean that since the first day Nomagrok declared its intentions, it has always been ready for a battle.  Their enemies are more numerous than just the String Mountain Kingdom.  The Frost giants have not always been their allies, and the Frozensky Clandom has launched raids against Nomagrok as well.  Even nations from the other side of the world, such as Thynkizland, have launched magical attacks upon clan Sledgehammer and the nation of Nomagrok.


The constant threats and battles have left the dwarves of Nomagrok embittered and belligerent.  The nation has the attitude that it is them against the world of magic, and most of the residents believe that they can win.  Their devotion has attracted others to the mountains to join the dwarves in their quest.  Humans and gnomes, many of who favor technology to magic, have come to Nomagrok to live.  The dwarves of clan Sledgehammer welcome them with open arms as long as they swear to give up the weak ways of magic forever.


The dislike or hatred for magic is the fuel behind the entire society in Nomagrok.  A crafter is working to show that things can be built better without magic.  A warrior is fighting to show that battles can be won without magic.  The only magic that is allowed is divine magic and that only on a limited base.  The dwarves realized long ago that to defeat magic, some magic must be used.  The general belief is that once arcane magic is driven from Habololy, divine magic will no longer be needed and will fade away.


Most of the other races and nations of the world look at Nomagrok as a nation of extremists.  Only the fact that it has survived for so long gives it creditability.  It is a nation isolated from many of the other nations.  It has no port cities, and must rely on a non-aggression treaty in Port Springs for all of its trade.  Unless they migrate to Nomagrok, the inhabitants of the nation are not likely to see anything but the String Mountains and the caves below them in the course of their life.  The king and his advisors are always trying to change this by sending emissaries and merchants to other lands.  Usually the results are disappointing.


Nomagrok is also disliked on the sole fact that it is a nation based on the beliefs of a cult.  The Cult of Drunnbar dominates the nation.  Religions and other cults are allowed, as long as they do not propagate the idea of arcane magic.  This has created the rare dynamic of religions and cults working together for the common goal of the destruction of wizards and sorcerers.


With few exceptions, every dwarf that comes to Nomagrok takes the Sledgehammer clan name.  To stop the confusion that began to erupt, centuries ago, the king proclaimed an ordering of the clan.  The ordering was based on how long a given dwarf any his immediate family had been part of the clan.  The 1st order is dwarves who can directly link their heritage to Drunnbar himself.  The orders continue down to the 9th order, which is made of up dwarves whose families have joined the clan in the past century.



Fathcan 1st Sledgehammer (dw,sl LN No7/Fi11), the king of clan Sledgehammer.  He has reigned for nearly seventy years.  Like every king Nomagrok has ever had, Fathcan is devoted to the destruction of arcane magic. 


Brooth 3rd Sledgehammer (dw,sl LN Cl(Db)6/Mk6/WoS8), the master of the Warriors of Stone.  Brooth is in charge of the temple known as the Quarry, where all Warriors of Stone are trained.


Garnit 2nd Sledgehammer (dw,sl LN Cl(Db)14/Spb8), the high cleric of Drunnbar.  Garnit keeps his distance from the king at all times, always wary of assassins that could kill them both.  His loyalty lies with Drunnbar first, the king second.


To find Nomagrok from anywhere in the String Mountains, go up and to the center. The capital, and the only city of note, Rfoste, is in what has to be considered the center of the mountain range. It sits atop Mount Anvil, oh so cleverly named by the clan millennia ago.
                     The nation holds few marvels, save for the city of Rfoste, which is a marvel of mundane architecture.

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