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POPULATION: 68,500 (90% human, 3% Orc, 3% Halfling, 4% other)

HISTORY: For longer than any memory goes, there has been a trading post in the current site of Lynkeed.  Sometime before the return of Amat, the city was named Lynkeed.  During the reign of Shir Cannus Nerad Coustus, the lands which included Lynkeed were annexed by the orcish empire.  After the second Borkonic War, the orcish lands began to settle down, and the town of Lynkeed quickly grew into a city.  The city of Lynkeed was then recognized as a city in 388 AC by the orcish emperor.


After just over 250 years, the longest era for Lynkeed, the city was overrun during the second Jumping War.  The wugs destroyed much of the city, drove all of the orcs out, and next to enslaved the remaining inhabitants.  It remained a trading post under Wug rule until 682, when the orcs drove the wugs out of the city.  With limited resources, the orcs left the city three years later, and Lynkeed was left to rule itself for the first time in nearly five centuries.


During this period of self rule, the current government and laws were established.  Most of the buildings were rebuilt and the temples that still exist were founded.  The self rule, however, lasted a mere fifty years before an ambitious orcish emperor re-annexes the city.  In 759 AC, the fifth Jumping War began and the city of Lynkeed grew quickly and became wealthy.  As a midpoint between the empire and its war on the forest’s edge, it was in a pivotal location.  When the war ended, the orcs, who had fought to a standstill, left the city.  In 768, Lynkeed was once again free.




The morgue, shrine to Dedestroyt


The courthouse, shrine to Everentual


Lamender Farm, temple to Habastly


Oldstone, temple of The Oldest Orc.  This building is the oldest standing in the city.  It is on the eastern edge of the city.


The orphanage, temple to Tyrogatore


Crowdown, shrine to Tommimao.  As legend has it, the shrine is built on the outskirts of the city where a messenger bird that could have saved the orcish legion in the great forest during the War of Technology fell dead.




Golden Goblet, tavern.  The best location for high end entertainment in the city.


Traveler’s Abode, inn.  Once the gem of the city, it has fallen to disrepair since Lenny took over.


War Path Inn, inn and tavern.  This building sits outside of the city on the main road between the Orcish Empire and the great forest.


Hardy Hellos, inn and tavern.  A rough establishment that is a favorite of those who visit the city for a good time.  It is known for its intolerance for Tommimao’s ways, but it is a haven for ladies of the night.




Empire Memorial Stadium, the city’s arena which was built by the Orcish Empire when the erected most of the city.  All large events are held in the arena, which can accommodate up to 20,000.


The western wall, all that remains of the years the city spent as an orcish military base.  Through erosion and expansion, all of the other defenses of Lynkeed have disappeared.  What remains of the wall stands ten feet high and runs for over 1000 feet on the western edge of the city.  It is not garrisoned.


Granitebreaker Arms, the finest weapon and armorsmith in the city.  It competed with a Sledgehammer and Tuskenhammer smith for over a century until the owners of the shop were killed several years ago.




Town Officials

o       Elliot Benedict (hm No/Dip), Mayor.  Holds a great deal of control and power of all of Lynkeed accept when it comes to the activity of the Merchant Lords and those that pay off the Lords.  He looks to maintain the status quo.

o       Lord Brakal (orc Cr/Fi/No), Merchant Lord.  Owner of the War Path Inn.   He looks forward to any wars between the Orcs and anyone.  His family has been in the position of merchant lord since the city last gained independence.

o       Lord Tenderson (hm Ra/No), Merchant Lord.  The only lord who openly worships the good deities of the Counsil and fights to bring the city more into their beliefs.  His family has been in the position of merchant lord since the city last gained independence.

o       Lord Smaggler (hlf Cr/No), Merchant Lord.  The newest merchant lord, having been accepted only four years ago.  He brings a variety of goods in from the great forest as well as being the premier carpenter in the city.

o       Lord Lamender (hm No), Merchant Lord.  Holds a controlling amount of the farms in and around the city.  His family has been in the position of merchant lord since the city last gained independence.

o       Lord Brewer (hm Cr/No), Merchant Lord.  His family brews all of the alcohol in the city.  He has driven out all of the wine and most of the hard liquors.  His family has been in the position of merchant lord for near 70 years.

o       Aderik (hm Wz/No), First Mage.  Paid for by the city, he advises the mayor and the merchant lords in all things arcane.  He is only the 2nd being to hold that position and has held it for only 7 years.

o       Deekon Clement (hm Fi/Ro/Inv), Constable Advisor.  A retired middle aged soldier that advises the mayor in dealings with the constabulary of the merchant lords.


People of Faith

o       Lenny (hm Cl(Tmm)/Cr), Manager of the Traveler’s Abode.  He also administers the faithful at Crowdown.

o       Jacob Lamender (hm No/Cl(hb)/Grv), Youngest of the four Lamender children.  He is the most accomplished and has established himself as the Grovetender in the area. 

o       Gorrus Omaero (orc Cl(OO)), runs the temple to the Oldest Orc.  He has been in charge of the temple since the orcs left the city.  His beliefs in non-interference are so strong that he does not even look to gain new followers. The religion’s faithful in the city are dwindling.

o       Harold Thomison (hm Cl(Ev)/No), has served as the city’s chief judge for four years.  He is also a fervent evangelist for Everentual.

o       Macomber Cleanse (hm Fi/Cl(Ev)/Inq), the enforcer of the Counsil’s laws in the city.  He works in close order with Harold.  He was trained by Harold and only began to influence the city within the past three years.

o       Daniel Shroudmaker (hm Cl(De)/Cr), has been the undertaker and cleric of Dedestroyt in the city for over thirty years.  He rarely involves himself in the lives of the citizenry.



o       Benefyne (hm Cr11/No), aspiring high merchant and jeweler.

o       Kailen (he Brd/Ro), a wealthy entertainer that has aspirations to being a merchant lord.

o       Broder Granitebreaker (dw,sm Fi/Cr), proprietor of Granitebreaker Arms and widely believed to be next in line for the Merchant Lord role when a seat is available.


Notables Residents

o       Bidob (hlf Ro/Ra), Fellows’ representative in Lynkeed.  He doesn’t care much for the city, but dutifully sends reports back to the great forest.

o       Frizz (hm Ro), guide for hire.  A skilled tracker that sells himself as a pathfinder.

o       Jennica Tenderson, (hm Ro), daughter of a merchant lord.  Jennica causes as much legal havoc by her outlandish activities as possible.  She has never been imprisoned and never been convicted of anything.


Infamous Residents

o       Karikeric (hm Cr/Wz/Ro/CL), His only interest is in making money off of the illicit drug trade.

o       Farfel (hm-wererat Ro), an insane killer that has roamed the city’s underbelly for five years.

o       Esssehl, (lz,v Ber/Ro), a known criminal that is in and out of the prison.  He has never been convicted of any serious crimes, although most suspect him of many.




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