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NPC Main


Rulers / Political

Aianna Cadmurren - Destroytian High Diplomat


Clergy / Faithful

Holom Gloom  - High Cleric of Chaos

Vistrani Fell - Renowned Stalker of the Dead 


Travelers / Adventurers

Lair Davius - Banished Orcish Warrior

Firfin the Merciful - Wandering Knight

Vowgist Sharpe - Killer


Merchants / Crafters

Tom 'Majikowner' - Magic Shop Proprietor


Soldiers / Military

Martine Vanyar - Champion of Icefia and the Suian







Habololy Main 

    Non Player Characters


Presented in this section are the most important and well known established non-player characters in the Habololy setting.  The information is presented in standard fashion for a non-player character.  These characters are divided into several groups:


Rulers / Political: This group includes kings, princes, presidents, dictators and all of their entourages.


Clergy / Faithful: This group includes high clerics and prominent members of the faiths that are known primarily for their devotion.


Travelers / Adventurers:  This group includes individuals that are not aligned specifically to one nation or religion.  They are skilled in some form of combat, magic, or survival.


Merchants / Crafters: This group includes the most skilled artisans.


Soldiers / Military: This group includes the best known warriors known for their service to a nation's military, a town's militia, or similarly organized group.


Creatures: This group includes intelligent creatures that are known by name by the sentient and civilized races.

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