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~Excerpt from the History of the High clerics of Han~Sui

 In the year of 171 AC, the cleric named Janoy Katan won the Tournament of clerics to become the high cleric of Han~Sui.  He reigned for only 6 years before he left the Dedestroytian Empire for a home in the Kingdom of Yellowia.  This dereliction of duty, according to the strict laws of our lord Han~Sui, was reason enough that Janoy should no longer be considered the high cleric.  However, some still held that since Janoy lived and had not been defeated by another cleric, he still remained High Cleric.  This created a divide in the faith that lasted until the death of Janoy.

Janoy’s years as the official high cleric were as they should be.  He was a traditional leader of the faith and supporter of the empire of Dedestroyt.  He blessed the war against the Kingdom of Yellowia.  And until he renounced his blessing, the war progressed in the favor of the empire.  His departure weakened support and hastened the end of the war without a true victor.

Janoy’s years after losing his rank officially were filled with leadership of a different sort.  He became the main continent’s, if not the world’s, premiere weapon maker.  He is credited with the perfection of the weapon which bears his name, the Katana.  He is credited with bringing skilled weaponsmithing to the Kingdom of Yellowia.  He is credited with helping to create the code of the Eshalmon.

 Perhaps the greatest testament to his life and deeds is the existence of dozens of weapons which bear his mark.  These weapons, to a one, have a powerful magical aura.  They are some of the most valued and sought after weapons on Habololy.


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