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NPC Main


Rulers / Political

Aianna Cadmurren - Destroytian High Diplomat


Clergy / Faithful

Holom Gloom  - High Cleric of Chaos

Vistrani Fell - Renowned Stalker of the Dead 


Travelers / Adventurers

Lair Davius - Banished Orcish Warrior

Firfin the Merciful - Wandering Knight

Vowgist Sharpe - Killer


Merchants / Crafters

Tom 'Majikowner' - Magic Shop Proprietor


Soldiers / Military

Martine Vanyar - Champion of Icefia and the Suian






Habololy Main 

    Holom Gloom

Male Human So 4 / Cl 4 / WC 4 / MT 6: CR 18; Medium-sized humanoid; HD 14d4+8 plus 4d8+8; hp 190 ; Init +1; Spd 30 ft.; AC ; Atk +10/+5; SQ Control the Chaos, Required Surge, Hatred of Conformity, Surge Modifier +2, Deeper into Chaos, Accustomed to Chaos; AL CN(e); SV Fort +13; Ref +6; Will +21; Str 15; Dex 13; Con 15; Wis 18; Int 19; Chr 19. Height 6’4”; Weight 240 lbs; Brown Hair; Dark Blue Eyes; 47 years old.

Skills and Feats: Bluff, Concentration, Decipher Script, Disable Device, Forgery, Gather Information, Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (Religion), Knowledge (Outer Planes), Literacy, Spellcraft, Swim, Use Magical Device; Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Staff, Empower Spell, Maximize Spell, Prestigious Combination, Scribe Scroll, Spell Penetration, Summon Familiar, Wild Casting, 2 others.

Equipment: Holom’s equipment changes every day.

Like every high cleric of Chaos that comes to light, Holom’s name is spread far and wide by the religious. Every attempt is made to prevent the cult of Chaos from gaining power. One weapon the clerics of the religions have is knowledge. They describe and explain to the faithful the dangers of Chaos and of his ministers. For that reason, Holom is one of the best known of men on Habololy.
          What is told of Holom, strangely enough, is the truth. He sees no reason to subvert the story that is told of him. Born somewhere on the islands south of Ekarude, Holom is the son of an islander Shaman. He focused much of his early life on looking for the same site and inner power that his father possessed. He thought he had found it. His father soon uncovered the truth; Holom was not a Shaman, but a sorcerer. When Holom was told, he was distraught. He left his home island in search of another way to live. It was not long before Chaos arranged to take the desperate Holom and mold him to his liking.
          Holom was ‘luckily’ discovered by a cleric of Chaos somewhere in the ocean. The cleric revived him and quickly played on Holom’s desire to find a new purpose. He focused Holom on the Counsil, deities for whom he had little respect, and whom could have easily given Holom the power he so desperately desired instead of the sorcerer’s curse. His training led him to the divine realm, where he began to master the ways in which the divine and the arcane could be made to work together.
          One day Holom awoke, and his teacher was gone. Not knowing what happened, and not particularly caring, Holom began to do the things that he and his teacher had talked about. Most important among them, bringing about the fall of the Counsil, and the destruction of Habololy.
          For the last decade, Holom has raided, looted, plundered, and caused havoc and chaos whenever and wherever he could. He teleports around randomly, and finds the best way to cause mayhem in his current location. Many nations have a hefty bounty on his head.


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