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Rulers / Political

Aianna Cadmurren - Destroytian High Diplomat


Clergy / Faithful

Holom Gloom  - High Cleric of Chaos

Vistrani Fell - Renowned Stalker of the Dead 


Travelers / Adventurers

Lair Davius - Banished Orcish Warrior

Firfin the Merciful - Wandering Knight

Vowgist Sharpe - Killer


Merchants / Crafters

Tom 'Majikowner' - Magic Shop Proprietor


Soldiers / Military

Martine Vanyar - Champion of Icefia and the Suian






Habololy Main 

    Firfin the Merciful

Male Halfling Pa 6/ OoBH 8: CR 14; Small-sized humanoid; HD 14d10+56 ; hp 155 ; Init +2; Spd 20 ft.; AC 12; Atk +14/+9/+4; SQ Aura of Good, Smite Evil 2/day, Divine Grace, Lay on Hands, Divine Health, Aura of Courage, Special Mount, Remove Disease, Turn Undead, “In the Presense of Evil”, “Great Evil Requires Great Hero’s to defeat it”, “Root out the Evil”, “What Evil Will Never Know”, “Evil Cannot Hide From the Light”, Good Domain 4; AL LG; SV Fort +10; Ref +7; Will +11; Str 13; Dex 15; Con 18; Wis 16; Int 14; Chr 17. Height 3’8”; Weight 125 lbs; Grey Hair; Brown Eyes; 78 years old.

Skills and Feats: Heal +11, Knowledge (Geography) +17, Knkowledge (Religion) +7, Literacy, Ride +10, Sense Motive +8, Speak Common, Gnomish, Elven, Dwarven, Nipeete, Giantish, Survival +10; Armor Familiarity (Plate Mail), Blind-Fight, Endurance, Iron Will, Mounted Combat, Tiny Fighting, Track.

Equipment: Most of Firfin’s possessions are mundane and dull. His short sword is white in honor of Stasis and is a minor Holy weapon. His Plate Mail was a gift from traveling dwarves of the Sledgehammer clan and is made of mithral. He also has a lawful spear named “Toovin-Sep”, which translates in common as “Demon Spike”. Firfin usually wears a golden circlet, a gift from a shrine of Celetal, which protects his mind. He also carries several potions, and a magical ring or two at all times.

As Firfin tells the story, it was never his intention to travel the world. The Great Halfling Forest was his home, one that he swore to defend, and one that he served dutifully in the name of Stasis for a decade. His life was drastically taken from that course one day forty years ago.
          Before he began his travels, Firfin was a leader of a Halfling brigade in the Great Forest. For many years, he faithfully and dutifully served the Halfling communities, defending them at the Boiling Line. Firfin was widely known to be courageous and honorable. He had a popularity that would only be matched by his later infamy.
          During one particularly brutal battle, the Wugs were beginning to overwhelm the position that Firfin and his brigade were defending. Luckily, the forces of the Wooduke arrived in time to prevent the position from being overrun. After the battle, Firfin held several Wugs as prisoners. The Wooduke ordered Firfin to execute them, a command he refused. Outraged, the Wooduke ordered the prisoners to be handed over. Firfin, knowing what would happen should he obey the order, released the Wugs.
          The Wooduke’s outrage grew into fury. He publicly denounced Firfin, stripped him of his rank, and banished him for ten years from the Great Forest. Firfin accepted his fate and left, with every intention of returning in ten years. The Wooduke, however, has other plans. The story began to spread that Firfin has betrayed the Halflings, and was the reason for the battle going poorly until the arrival of the Wooduke. So widely and well did the Wooduke spread the tale, that when Firfin tried to return to the forest, the Halflings did not welcome him.
          Disheartened, but not broken, Firfin began to travel the continent, helping those that would have him. He took on the mantel of the Order of the Banished Hero and quickly became its most well known member. While Halflings don’t usually ride, they aren’t usually forced to travel constantly around the world either. Firfin rides a Blink Dog named Trex, who has been his companion for over 25 years.



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