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NPC Main


Rulers / Political

Aianna Cadmurren - Destroytian High Diplomat


Clergy / Faithful

Holom Gloom  - High Cleric of Chaos

Vistrani Fell - Renowned Stalker of the Dead 


Travelers / Adventurers

Lair Davius - Banished Orcish Warrior

Firfin the Merciful - Wandering Knight

Vowgist Sharpe - Killer


Merchants / Crafters

Tom 'Majikowner' - Magic Shop Proprietor


Soldiers / Military

Martine Vanyar - Champion of Icefia and the Suian







Habololy Main 

    Aianna Cadmurren

Female Jungle Elven Ra 3 / No 14 / Dip 5: CR 22; Medium-sized humanoid; HD 3d8+6 plus 14d6+28 plus 5d4+10 ; hp 120 ; Init +2; Spd 35 ft.; AC ; Atk +12/+7/+2; SQ Wild Empathy; AL NN(g); SV Fort +10;Ref +10; Will +17; Str 11; Dex 15; Con 14; Wis 17; Int 17; Chr 19. Height 5’5”; Weight 125 lbs; Violet-Grey Hair; Yellow Eyes; 316 years old.

Skills and Feats: Appraise, Bluff, Concentration, Craft (Bowmaking), Diplomacy, Disguise, Esape Artist, Fogery, Gather Information, Intimidate, Knowledge (Geography, History, Local, Nations, Nobility, Religion), Listen, Sense Motive, Speak 8 languages; Blend, College Educated, Endurance, Iron Will, Leadership, Negotiator, Noble Tradition, Rapid Shot, Track, Wild Heart, 1 other.

The Cadmurren family is the only noble elven house in the Destroytian Republic. Before the days of the republic, the empire allowed slaves. The ancestors of Aianna were brought to the empire so that they could help in hunting the Gremlins in the jungles. When the slaves were freed, Aianna’s family remained. Through their actions in the following centuries as skilled rangers, they earned nobility and the name Cadmurren.
          Aianna was the first born into her family after it had become a noble house of the republic. She learned the traditional ranger skills of her family, and the new ways of the nobility. She at first intrigued the noble families, and then impressed them by convincing Thalmeret to sign a defensive pact against the invading Fire Giants. She traveled the main continent, then the world. Her face is one of few that can be identified in every nation’s ruling chamber.
          Aianna’s knowledge is more powerful than most spells, and her timing sharper than most blades. She speaks often, but reveals little. It is mused that she has met more rulers than death. However, never in her presence, for that would violate etiquette.





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