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Huge Magical Beast

Hit Dice: 60d10+360 (710 hp)

Initiative: +3 (Dex)

Speed: 50 ft.

AC: 41 (+30 natural, +3 Dex, -2 size)

Base Attack/Grapple: +30/+49

Attack: Bite +44 melee

Full Attack: Bite +44 melee, 2 claws +41 melee, tail +41 melee

Damage: Bite 2d12+15, claw 2d8+12, tail 2d6+9

Space/Reach: 15 ft. / 15 ft.

Special Attacks: frightening presence, poison, pounce, razor sharp teeth and claws, scent, tongue throw

Special Qualities: Damage Reduction 20/admantium, Damage Reduction 10/epic, Darkvision 120 feet, Fast Healing 10, Low-light vision, SR 30, Spell Invulnerability, Fearless

Saves: Fortitude +28; Reflex +12; Willpower +10

Abilities: Strength 40; Dexterity 16; Constitution 35; Intelligence 10; Wisdom 12; Charisma 8

Skills: Climb +20, Jump +20, Knowledge (religion) +10, Listen +10, move Silently +6, Search +10, Spot +10, Survival +10, Swim +20

Feats: Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Great Cleave, Improved Critical (bite), Power Attack, Multiattack, Snatch, Weapon Focus (bite), Track, Overwhelming Critical (bite), Devastating Critical (bite)

Environment: Any non-subterranean

Organization: Solitary, or Pack (2-5)

Creature Rarity: 2

Challenge Rating: 30

Treasure: none

Alignment: usually Lawful or Neutral Evil

Advancement: 31-40 HD (Huge); 41-50 HD (Gargantuan)

Level Adjustment: -


The most feared creature on Habololy that is not a dragon is the Doggeden.  The deity Amat created these titanic creatures that were to do battle with the other deities in his stead.  In fact, they did just that and succeeded in the demise of at least two deities and countless thousands of faithful clerics and warriors.  Their place in Habololy’s history is assured as the beasts that fought the deities and nearly won.  They were so powerful, that they could not be destroyed completely.  The Counsil banished the remaining Doggedens to an island that has come to bear their name.  It lies far out to sea where even the Horarian pirates do not sail.


Doggedens are nearly thirty feet tall and possess a strong fifteen foot tail.  They are bipedal, but often remained crouched, ready to strike or leap.  They are covered in short brown hair that is so thick that it protects them as well as any armor could.  Their underbelly is covered in tan or red scales that run from their neck to the end of their tail, where they also cover a scorpion-like stinger said to possess a poison so strong that just a prick of the stinger would kill a rhinoceros.  These scales are just as strong as the thick hair that covers much of the Doggeden.


The creature’s name is said to be derived from their unmistakable head that resembles the head of a dog.  A long snout that ends in a black nose, ears that flop until the Doggeden senses something and the straighten to a point, and a tongue that hangs out while the creature pants all point to a canine background.  Its eyes are large and black with no pupil.  They stick out almost as a bug’s eyes would.  The tongue that hangs slightly out when panting can be used as a weapon a launched much like a frog would.  However, the Doggeden catches humans and humanoids, not insects.  Its toothy maw is large enough to chew and shallow a full grown human in under a minute.  Its hands are neither that of a human or of a dog.  They have four fingers that are semi-opposable and have soft pads on the bottom.  Each finger has a claw that can be extended up to a foot out from the finger and is strong enough to tear through magical plate armor.


If there are any alive that have fought a Doggeden and survived, they have told no one their story.  The last recorded account of anyone going to Doggeden Island was over a century ago when pirates went their looking for treasure.  A half dozen survived to tell a story of the beasts swimming a hundred miles out to sea to chase down the thieves before dropping below the waves.



Doggedens know no fear.  They rush into combat hoping to overwhelm their foe with strength and ferocity.  When fighting many foes, the Doggeden will use its tongue to throw targets away allowing it to focus on others.  When fighting one target that it knows it can defeat, it often toys with the target by throwing it and then using its pounce ability.


Frightening Presence (Ex):  Any creature that sees a living Doggeden must make a Willpower save DC25 or be shaken for an hour.  There is no range for this ability, meaning that seeing the Doggeden from afar has the same effect.  This is a wisdom-based save. 


Fearless (Ex):  A Doggeden is immune to all types of fear and fear-based effects.


Poison (Ex):  Whenever the Doggeden strikes a target with its tail; it injects a poison into the target.  Injected, Fortitude DC25, initial damage 5d6 hit points non-lethal, secondary damage 5d6 hit points lethal.  The save is Constitution-based.


Pounce (Ex):  By making a jump check at a DC equal to the distance jumped in feet divided by two, the Doggeden can make a pounce attack.  This is a full round action that allows the Doggeden to attack the target of his pounce as if it had made a full round attack.  This is considered a charge attack.


Razor Sharp Teeth and Claws (Ex):  The teeth of a Doggeden are deadly, sharp and as hard as admantium.  For purposes of  damage reduction treat the claws and teeth of a Doggeden as admantium.  The threat range of both the claws and the bite is double to 19-20.  Note that the Doggeden has the Improved Critical feat for its bite, and hence the threat range is 17-20 for the bite.


Spell Invulnerability (Su):  When they were created, Amat developed the Doggedens with a resistance to lesser spells.  They are immune to all spells lower than 4th level as if constantly effected by a Minor Globe of Invulnerability spell.  This cannot be dispelled and the Doggeden cannot chose to be affected by a low level spell.


Tongue Throw (Ex):  The Doggeden can use its tongue in conjunction with the Snatch feat.  It may not bite in the same round that it uses its tongue, but otherwise the tongue may replace the bite as an attack.  It may launch its tongue up to 25 feet with no penalty for range.  To hit, the tongue need only make a ranged touch attack.  Instead of holding the creature it hits with the tongue attack, the Doggeden may immediately throw the target.  The Doggeden makes a strength check and multiplies the result by two.  That is the distance the target has been thrown in a random direction.  The target takes damage as if it had fallen that number of feet.  A target may attempt to hold on to the tongue by making a grapple check before being thrown.  This uses up an attack of opportunity for the round for the target.      


Skills:  The Doggeden receives a +10 racial bonus on jump skill checks as long as it is not indoors or underground.  When using its sense of smell to track, the Doggeden receives a +8 bonus to the Search skill or the Track feat.



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