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Magic Items

Azucal:  Not a magical item, Azucal is a highly precious metal that has inherent magical qualities.  These qualities make it much easier to enchant than most metals.  Any item made from Azucal reduces the cost in experience its creator must pay by 20%.

          The metal is most often mined in the hills in the Grean Republic.  It was once found deep in the Great Plateau, but it has been two centuries since any was mined there.  Eager miners flock to places where even a small amount of Azucal is reported, hoping to strike it rich.  Spellcasters of all types will travel hundreds of miles for the metal.

          Azucal is sometimes called “Blue Metal” because of its color, light blue.

Market Price: 2000 gc per pound.


Drunnbaric Hammer:  Not a magic item, but rather an anti-magic item, the Drunnbaric Hammer is blessed by Drunnbar and his clerics to neutralize magical items and enchanted creatures.  The hammers come in all shapes and sizes, but are all made from a mixture of lead and admantium.

            When the hammer strikes a magic item, an enchanted item, or an enchanted creature, it has the ability to disrupt or destroy magic.  If the wielder of the hammer strikes an enchanted creature, the wielder and the target make opposed willpower saving throws.  If the wielder of the hammer wins the opposed roll, the target loses its enchantment.  If the enchantment is permanent, then it is simply neutralized for ten minutes.  If the target is a magic item or enchanted item, the wielder of the hammer must succeed with a willpower saving throw at a DC equal to the level of the creator of the item or caster of the enchantment.

            There is no additional effect on the wielder if the opposed roll is lost.  The hammer’s ability can be used ten times per day.  Although it grants no bonus to attack rolls or damage, the Drunnbaric Hammer is considered magical for purposes of damage reduction.

Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: Craft Magical Arms & Armor; Market Price: varies.


Elemental Epbul:  The invention of the Grean wizard Rutorn, the Elemental Epbul, or firearm as it was once called, is one of the most feared weapons on Habololy.  These devices are enchanted so that they can trap elementals of any type and expel them in deadly blasts, which in the process destroy the trapped elemental.  The enchantments that are required to create one are so precise that they have only ever successfully been made out of Azucar.

            The standard Elemental Epbul can trap up to 100 hit dice of elementals.  The elementals can be expelled in a ray or a cone.  The ray deals 1d8 points of damage per hit die the wielder chooses to expel, to a maximum of 10.  It requires a ranged touch attack roll with standard modifications.  It has a range of 50 feet.  The cone deals 1d4 points of damage per hit die the wielder chooses to expel, to a maximum of 10.  It extends 20 feet out and follows the rules for a cone-shaped spell.  Anyone caught in the cone receives a reflex save at DC equal to 10+ half the Hit Die of the elemental used.  If successful, they take only half damage.

            The wielder of an Elemental Epbul may attempt to trap an elemental by releasing the back casing of the weapon and touching it to the elemental the wielder wishes to trap.  The wielder was succeed in a DC15 Use Magic Device skill check and elemental must fail a willpower save at DC25 to be trapped.  If the wielder traps more than 100 hit dice of elementals, the elemental epbul goes dormant for one day and the trapped elementals are released.

Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item ; Market Price: varies.


Fiery Sight:  First designed by Amatine wizard, the Fiery Sight was widely produced by the Tinkocracy.  Usually made to look like a small spyglass, it attaches to the barrel of a crossbow, firearm, or ebpul.  When activated, the sight magically illuminates the target viewed in the sight with an aura of usually red fire.  Only one target may be illuminated at a time, and the illumination fades if the target is over 300 feet away from the wielder.

            The effect of this fire is only to illuminate the target, not to injure.  If there is enough light in the area around the target to see normally, then the fire only provides a +1 circumstance bonus to hit.  In low light areas, the bonus increases to +2.  In complete darkness, the bonus is +4 to hit.  Regardless of lighting, the fire imposes a -20 to all attempts to hide made by the target.

Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: ; Market Price: varies.


Patch, Amatine AssassinThe Amatine Assassins all possess magical patches given as rewards for accomplishing feats.  When an assassin successful completes a mission of substantial merit, he is given a patch that is sewn into his armor.  This patch has a depiction of the type of creature with which the assassin dealt, and also provides an enchantment designed to aid the assassin in future encounters of a creature of that type.  As long as the patch is worn, the assassin benefits from the enchantment.

            Several examples of powers that a patch might provide are: resistance 10 against a particular element after the assassin defeated an elemental, immunity to sonic-based spells after the assassin defeated a bard, etc.

Caster Level: 7th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, others vary by patch type; Market Price: varies.


Ring, Arcane:   This ring always appears as a golden ring with a blue metal pearl circle set into one side of it.  Its only purpose is to allow the wearer to cast arcane spells while on the island of Thynkizland.

Caster Level: 11th; Prerequisites: Forge Ring, limited wish; Market Price: 50,000 gc.


Ring, Bullet Shield:  These rings have existed since shortly after the first firearm was successfully fired.  They came into prominence during the reign of the Tinkocracy, when every soldier would give any item he or she had for one.  Many still exist, although the fall of the Tinkocracy greatly diminished their value.

          While active, the ring provides the wearer a +20 bonus to armor class against bullets fired from firearms or epbuls.  The wearer activates the ring by turning it 180 degrees.  It remains effective for up to one hour per day.

Caster Level: 7th; Prerequisites: Forge Ring; Market Price: 15,000 gc.


Ring, Personal Illusion:  While worn this ring allows the wearer to alter his or her appearance as if affected by a Programmed Image.  The wearer may spend one minute concentrating and programming a new image into the ring.  At the end of the minute, the wearer must succeed with an Intelligence check at DC 20.  If successful, the wearer may use the new programmed image.  If unsuccessful, the wearer may try again after an hour.  The ring may hold up to three images at any one time.  The wearer may switch from one image to another at will by using a standard action.  If a new image is programmed in, the oldest image in the ring is lost.

Caster Level: 11th; Prerequisites: Forge Ring, programmed image; Market Price: 40,000 gc.


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