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Habololy Main 


Altered Spells


Protection from Arrows

This spell offers no protection from 'advanced' ranged weapons, such as bullets or balls from an Epbul or firearm.


Summon Spells

With the banishment of the Spider Queen from Habololy, a prohibition on the Tanari (demons) and on the Eldarin was put into effect.  While few know how exactly this ban came about, every spellcaster knows of its effects.  No Tanari or Eldarin may be summoned on to Habololy by any means.  This includes but is not limited to the following spells:


Summon Monster (I through IX)


Summon Planar Ally (Lesser, Standard, and Greater)




Weapon of the Deity

The statistics for this spell are not changed, but the deities of Habololy have a specific list of weapons which are created by means of this spell.   The list is as follows:


Deity Weapon
The Oldest Orc +1 Warning Staff
Habastly +1 Thundering Staff
Treetop +1 Distance Short Bow
Smofarf +1 Spell Storing Hand Axe
Lakius +1 Shock Spear
Dedestroyt +1 Bloodfeeding Greatsword
Tyrogatore Adamantium Stunning Surge fists (the cleric's hands become scaled)
Compture +1 Morphing weapon (cleric chooses initial form when spell is cast)
Han~Sui +1 Keen Katana
Everentual +1 Dispelling Hammer
Gruweas +1 Axiomatic Tri-Sword
Celetal +1 Power Storing Weapon (cleric chooses weapon when cast)
Tommimao +1 Lucky Long Sword
Tfop +1 Paralyzing Long Sword
Falan +1 Sacred (good cleric) OR Profane (evil clerics) Long Sword
Lavash'Ki +1 Knockback Cutlass
Frostine +1 Frost Spear
Sutyr +1 Flaming Greatsword
Dresta +1 Impaling Dagger
Arsur'Anyodel +1 Precise Long Bow
Stasis +1 Holy Bastard Sword
Gnarion +1 Impact Great Hammer
Quan Yin +1 Merciful Quarterstaff
Hemator +1 Defending Mace
Drunnbar +1 Magebane Warhammer
Chaos +1 Anarchic Staff
Vishtoo Adamantium Sundering fists (the cleric's hands become metallic)
Corahakar +1 Venomous Short Sword
Loomashyn +1 Corrosive Warhammer
Wandle +1 Weakening Pick
Cult of the Slaughter +1 Wounding Greatsword
Cult of Amat +1 Maiming Pick
Mouser +1 Deadly Precision Rapier
Arsenal +1 Revealing Epbul
Melodi +1 Harmonizing Weapon (cleric chooses weapon when cast)


Weapons listed above as Adamatium are always one '+' behind the other weapons as the level of the caster increases.


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