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Grant Helodan


The Open Letter to the Clergy of Tyrogatore

The Pilgrimage

These are the tenets of our faith. 

 1.       Defend your faith

2.       Know your acts

3.       Honor your body

4.       Respect you fathers

5.       Complete your responsibilities


The results are all that matter, the ends justify the means.  Our hierarchy is one based on strength.  By proving your strength is greater that that of another, you can attain positions of authority in our faith.  This also means you need the strength to keep those positions.  If you are graced with the strength to attain a position as a High Cleric, for example, you must be ready to accept almost daily challenges for that coveted position.  We have set guidelines for presenting these sorts of challenges, but, if there were enough individuals who met those guidelines, you could well spend most of your time defending you position instead of worrying about matters of the church.   

To many of the other faiths in Habololy, it is a wonder that our faith remains intact at all with the potential for so much infighting.  And this has been the case at some points in the past.  Many were the temples whose occupants trained and fought each other for positions within the temple and rarely if ever did they look outside their temple walls.  Though we may gather regularly to test the different and varying styles of martial combat at the Graplore, in some ways this only causes us to retreat further into our temples, to train and fight our own brothers.   

In recent times, we have seen evidence of a conspiracy against the faith of the Mighty Lizard and, in my estimation we are woefully unprepared for this type of attack.  Though there are mighty temples and many, many shrines throughout all the lands, from what I have seen and heard, travel and communication between them by brother monks and others of the faith is almost nonexistent.  I myself am guilty of this and it was not until after the recent tournament for the position of High Cleric at the Palumbton temple, the turmoil in the Great Forrest, and the great battle with the Orkish Armus that I truly understood this.   

One can only grow so strong in one place.  There needs to be some catalyst to get our faithful out into the world so that their strength and faith grow stronger, something that transcends race and fighting styles.  This catalyst needs to be structured yet leave enough freedom for the faithful to progress at their own pace, and another way to achieve respect and rank within the church.   

To this end I propose the following:  the Pilgrimage 

I have had created a series of beads.  Each bead is inscribed with a tenant or attribute of our faith.  There are 12 beads in all.  These individual sets will be given to select temples or shrines and those on this pilgrimage will have to travel between them to collect all of the beads.  It is my hope that by traveling in this way, the faith and strength of those on the Pilgrimage will deepen.  The more beads you collect, the more respect you are given, especially by others on the Pilgrimage. 



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