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Critical Hits - A critical cannot be threatened on a roll which is also the minimum a character needed to hit the target.  For example, Koth threatens a critical on a 19 and 20.  He has a +20 to hit.  The creature he is fighting has a 39 armor class.  On a roll of 19, he would hit but not threatened a critical.  On a roll of 20, he would threaten a critical.



Massive Damage - If a medium sized character is damages by a single physical attack which causes 40 or more points of damage, a massive damage save is caused.  The save that must be made is a Fortitude save DC15.  For every ten points of damage over 40, the DC increases by 1.  If the save is failed, and the attack did less than 50% of his total base hit points of the target, then the target is knocked out and reduced to -1 hit points.  If the attach did more than 50% of the total base hit points of the target, and the save is failed, then that target is reduced to -11 hit points and killed.


For creatures of different sizes, the rules are the same but the numbers change.  For small creatures, the threshold for the save is 30 points of damage.  For tiny creatures, the threshold is 20 points of damage.  For large creatures, the threshold is 50 points of damage.  For huge creatures the threshold is 60 points of damage and the DC goes up 1 after every 15 additional points of damage after 60.  For gargantuan creatures the threshold is 75 and the DC goes up 1 after every 25 additional points of damage after 75.  For colossal creatures the threshold is 100 and the DC goes up 1 after every 25 additional points of damage after 100.



Rounding Ability Modifiers - The prime example of this rule is on the use of a double handed weapon, but it could be applied at other times when the same problem is encountered.  When an ability modifier is multiplied or divided, and the result is a fraction, round using the ability score.  For example: Koth has a strength of 20, which is a +5 to damage.  When he uses a great hammer, his damage due to his strength is multiplied by 1.5, which is 7.5.  We know the a 20 and a 21 strength have a modifier of +5.  Since 20 is the lower of the two, Koth would round down and the extra damage done would be +7.  When Koth gets a 21 strength, it will be +8.







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