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House Rules - Feats

all Divine feats - Divine feats that as per the current rules last for one round (such as Divine Might) last longer.  Any of those divine feats last for number of rounds equal to the relevant modifier.


Fists of Iron - This feat states that one Stunning Fist use allows the character to attack unarmed for an additional 1d6 points of damage for one round.  This is changed to: the character may use one Stunning Fist attempt to deal 1d6 extra points of damage for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 his character level plus his Wisdom modifier.  Otherwise, the feat remains the same.


Melee Weapon Mastery - The only change to this feat is to the number of weapons it effects.  When a character selects this feat, he must select a weapon group instead of a weapon type and then applies the bonuses to that group.  The listed weapon types are: bludgeoning, slashing, and piercing.  Use instead the following weapon groups: Axes (including Halberd), Clubs and Staves, Daggers and Knives, Flails,  Hammers (including Maul), Maces, Spears (including Pike), or Swords.


Elusive Dance - This feat does not work against a target who denies you your Dodge bonus.  This feat does not work if you do something abnormal that causes an attack of opportunity; such as attempt a sunder without the Improved Sunder feat or using the Power Lunge feat.


Karmic Strike - When fighting an opponent with reach, the target may only attack the weapon of the opponent using a sunder or disarm attack.  If the reach is natural, the attack of opportunity works nomrally.





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