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Bacteria: The discovery of bacteria came quite by accident on the Great Plateau.  A tinker named Gloppin Fogglire was working on tiny copper wires and using several magnifying glasses to do so.  He turned his lenses to a week old glass of water that had been sitting in his workroom.  This he did out of boredom with his tedious work on the wires.  He was shocked. literally due to touching the wires incorrectly when he was distracted, to see tiny things floating in his water.  Gloppin sent a messenger to fetch some associates, who confirmed that what he was seeing was real.  Most the the tinkers nonetheless saw no importance in the tiny things and left.  Gloppin, however, was much more interested in these tiny things than his work on wires and set about to uncover what they were.


The year was 412 AC, and on the Great Plateau the primary source of knowledge about liquids was Pfot.  Gloppin eventually convinced a cleric to investigate his findings.  In the intervening time, the tinker had sold many of his crafters tools and designed a serious of lenses into a more powerful item he called a Multiple Multiple Magnifying for Sight into the Realm of Mightily Miniaturized Components Lens.  The cleric confirmed that what Gloppin saw was real and then set about to describe the things.  The cleric's name was Johnas Valender.  For months, the two worked on determining what the things were.  Johnas renamed the tool a Microlens, which made the non-gnomes very happy.  As Gloppin set about ways to constantly improve the Microlens, Johnas spent the time looking in new places for these tiny things.  After a year of study, he pronounced that things came in a near endless variety and were indeed alive.  Unfortunately, the tinker and the cleric gained no great reward for this discovery, and were now destitute from their research.


Eventually, each found fame.  Johnas traveled the world and told of his discoveries with the strange organisms.  Knowing of them lead to many other discoveries.  He is held in high regard in Pacyr.  Gloppin was eventually killed during the War of Technology, but before that, he gained wealth and fame.  The Microlens, once divorced from the Bacteria, was a huge success on the Great Plateau.  Among the tinkers haters of the world, his name is among those most cursed.



Syringe: The syringe was first designed by a team of clerics and a tinker on the Great Plateau.  The team consisted of two tinkers; a gnome and a human, along with three clerics, of Tfop, Hemator, and Tommimao.  Their goal was to devise a way to get a healing potion into a person that for what ever reason could not swallow.  The year was 498 AC and firearms were becoming more and more deadly.  Wounds were grievous and quick healing was necessary.  The solution they came up with was a potion that could be injected into the blood of the wounded.  The clerics were tasked with developing the potion, while the tinkers the method of delivery.  The end result was a injectible healing potion and the syringe.  It took the team three months after they started to achieve success.  The names of the members of the team were destroyed with many of the Tinkocracy's records.


If not for the efforts of two of the clerics in the group, it would have been barred from the rest of the world along with many other clickers.  When the TInkocracy began to crumble, the clerics smuggled syringes to the corners of the world to ensure the forces of the Counsil could not destroy them all.  The items survived in Pacyr, in Port Talp, and in the grasslands of Yellowia.  Today, these remain the only place where they can be found reliably.  The usefulness remains minimal, as few alchemists can brew the potion needed.  In Yellowia, it has become more used with illicit drugs than healing.  The names of the smugglers are also lost.  They sought anonymity when the fled the Great Plateau for obvious reasons.



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