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Habololy has a history of scientific discovery.  Below is a list of scientific categories.  In each section, a description of the most important discoveries in that field is given.


On Habololy, some science has become synonymous with Tinkers.  This was not always the case, but today the connection between the two has hindered several science as a whole and certain fields dramatically.  In the past, religions and sciences worked together in many cases.  That cooperation has lessened greatly and is now limited to only a few of the fields; typically those where the presiding deity does not despise the tinkers or where there is no presiding deity.


There are some fields not listed below that are not true sciences, but are mistaken my many for one.  Alchemy is the best example.  Those who do not have a formal education consider Alchemy the study of rocks and liquids and associate it with Tfop.  Some see him as the creator of Alchemy, other as the master of Alchemy.


A distinction must also be made between science and tinkering.  Science is widely accepted to be mundane in its true form, a fact that puts it in opposition to the religions on many occasions.  Tinkering rarely claims to be devoid of magical influence.  Tinkers develop in a world they know to be full of magic.  They draw of religion and arcana to interact on varying levels with their creations.  Their theories often sprinkle in magical theory with mundane.



Agriculture: In terms of scientific advancement, the field of agriculture has trailed behind the others for all of history.  The power and influence of Habastly, a creator and the most widely worshipped deity, has caused a lack of need for the science.  Habastly's clerics exist in all areas, teaching agriculture and leaving the people with no need to take up the science of agriculture.  The agricultural advances and discoveries were either made by clerics of Habastly, and therefore attributed to his religion, or made on the Plateau by the Tinkocracy.



Astronomy and Space: Up until the appearance of the moon and the arrival of Dresta and Arsur'anyodel, there was very little concern for the space beyond Habololy.  Only on the plateau was it even considered, and even there, magic not science was the only method of discovery.  The moon's appearance started the race for an explanation.  Two deities sudden arrival with the moon gave a huge boost to the magical theories and shut down much discussion and debate.  As usual, it was the people of the plateau that objected.  Their theories were spread briefly around the world.  The blowback against the thinkers of the plateau and the tinkers for their theories of the moon is believed to be an early instigation of the tinkers.  They became angered that thought outside of religion was discouraged and rebuked.  This field is the most fiercely debated between science and religion.



Biology: The deities Falan and Hemator both lay some claim to inspiring and controlling the discoveries of Biology.  Some clerics in both religions have devoted themselves as much to the study of this science as to their religious studies.  The other deities teach that the science is solely the domain of the two deities in hopes that it will never fall into the mundane realm of science.  This is a greater possibility with Biology than any other science since everyone as a body on which they can observe and experiment.  Wizards that summon or blend creatures using magic have also dabbled in Biology.  Breeds of unnatural creatures have resulted.  The Counsil frowns heavily upon new types of creature, and spends as much time discouraging the mundane study of Biology as any other science.



Botany: Much like agriculture, botany had been dominated by the clergy of Habastly for many centuries.  It was not until the arrival of Tfop and Pfot that the monopoly was broken.  Unlike Habastly, the twins were much more interested in science and allowing non-clerics to advance in the field.  When Tfop was left the Counsil, the science took a blow.  Pfot kept advances from the masses and a bitter struggle of information was waged between the religions of Pfot and Habastly.  Tfop's return re-opened the door to many.  Pfot's alliance to Highlander and the Tinkocracy made Botany a battleground.  This fight continued after the death of Pfot.  The new fight was between Habastly and his desire to return the knowledge to the realm of religion, and Tfop and his desire to bring the knowledge into the realm of science.



Chemistry: This science has the most difficult time divesting itself from the arcane, primarily due to Alchemy.  The are very few even among the mundane scholars that consider the difference between the two noticeable.  Tfop could have complete control over the science, but chooses not to due to his nature.  There are many alchemists that can be called chemists as well.



Geography: Like the craft of Cartography, this science is cursed.  No deity dare claim it.  Only the brave and foolish even consider researching it.  More than that, most do not believe in the few discoveries that have been made.



Geology: Before the death of Level, his religion was the final say of matters of Geology.  Between his death and the ascension of Drunnbar, the science came into its own.  With no deity to inspire and direct discovery, the intellects of the world were free to make their own path.  The deities tried to intervene, but the presence of the quasi-deity Drunnbar prevented them from decisive action.  As the science moved close the to realm of true science.  It was then the Drunnbar ascended.  The Counsil was faced with a choice they did not like: lose control of a science, or grant influence to a deity.  On a close vote, it was decided that Drunnbar should not be given control and Geology is now considered one of the true sciences.



Mathematics: This science is what scholars of Habololy call a true science.  There are no deities that lay claim to it, even though Everentual has tried to do so.  The masters of mathematics are found mostly at the bardic colleges, which are credited with the development of mathematics as a science. Thinkers and crafters, not clerics, are mentioned by the peoples of Habololy if they are asked about the subject.



Medicine: Before Hemator, the thought of healing beyond the abilities of clerics was reserved for the foolishly atheistic or the truly desperate.  Neither of those groups ever advanced the ideas of medical science.  The mortal Hemator, despite being a cleric of the Counsil, also started to study medicine in a non-religious, non-magical way.  She is credited with creating the first school of medicine in the nation of Pacyr, before she was its patron deity.  Since, during her time as both a Counsil and Cult deity, Hemator has continued to press the idea of healing through non-magical means.  So effective was her clergy in pushing the idea, that it is the only science that has a well-known group, Physicians, attached to it.  The biggest blow to the science was when Hemator left the Counsil.  Now, many consider the science to be tainted and will not allow it.  Even at that, they know of its existence and recognize the science.



Meteorology: The study of weather was historically seen as the role of the clerics of Lakius.  This field is one where the scientists have managed to pry the science away from the religion.  Much of their success can be attributed to Lakius' philosophy of solitude.  His clerics do not frequently speak to others, much less to those with whom they would likely argue.  Bards, and in particular Weathersingers, have jumped at the chance to lay claim to secrets of science that the clergy of Lakius seems unconcerned to explain or take credit for.  This science is more studied by the people then by academic, you see it more as a matter of specific divination than science.



Physics: The least understood science has been given very little thought by the deities.  With the proliferation of magic, there is little need for the science.  The greatest tasks, that would require a great understanding of physics without magic, become easier with magic.  Only on the Great Plateau has there ever been an interest in the science.  Even there, it has fallen low on the list for most scholars.



Zoology: The realm of zoology as always been dominated by the Animal Guards and the religion of Treetop.  So interconnected are the two, that the number of scholars that consider its study outside of the tenants of the religion can be counted on one hand.  To the general populace, the word is either meaningless or synonymous with Teachings of The Animal Guards.


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