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The following is a list of the most common crossbows found on Habololy.


Damage (S)

Damage (M)


Shots per round

Range (ft)



Cost (gc)

Hand Crossbow 1d3 1d4


3/2 30 Exotic S 100 2 lb.
Light Crossbow 1d4 1d6


1 80 Simple M 35 4 lb.
Medium Crossbow 1d6 1d8


1 100 Simple M 45 7 lb.
Heavy Crossbow 1d8 1d10


1/2 120 Simple L 55 10 lb.
Siege Crossbow 1d10 2d6


1/3 150 Martial L 150 15 lb.


Name: The manufacture’s name for the weapon.  The numbers in most of the names refer to the date the first one was produced.


Manufacturer: The person who is credited with inventing the weapon.


Damage: The damage caused by the weapon when fired.  The first category is for when the weapon is made by for a small sized creature, the second for when it is made by a medium sized creature.


Critical: The critical threat of the weapon.


Shots per Round: The number of times the weapon can be used in a round (without applying feats and higher attack bonuses).


Range: The range increment of the weapon in feet.


Type: The skill level required to use the weapon.


Size: The size category of the weapon.

Cost: The average cost in gold coins of the weapon.

Weight: The average weight of a weapon of that type.


There are variations of each of the above listed crossbows.  The description and effect of each variation is defined below.

Aquatic: An aquatic crossbow is designed to be used under water as well as out of water without penalty.  To make a crossbow of this type requires a craft check equal to the standard crossbow plus 5.  They cost twice as much to make.  The weight of the crossbow is increased by 10%.  The crossbow suffers no penalty to hit under water.

Repeating: A repeating crossbow holds a cartridge of bolts within the crossbow for easy reloading.  These are difficult to make, requiring a craft check double that of the typical crossbow of that type.  They are expensive, costing five times as much to make.  The weight of the crossbow is increased by 20%.  A repeating crossbow increases the rate of fire of the crossbow by 2 steps along the following chart: 1/3 rounds; 1/2 rounds; 1 round; 3/2 rounds; 2 round; 5/2 rounds.  Proficiency in a repeating version of a crossbow is more difficult than the standard version of the crossbow.  If the normal crossbow is a simple weapon, the repeating version of the crossbow is a martial weapon.  If the normal crossbow is a martial weapon, the repeating version of the crossbow is an exotic weapon.  If the normal crossbow is an exotic weapon, the repeating version of the crossbow is another exotic weapon.  If you are proficient in the standard form of a crossbow, you may use the repeating version as if it were a normal crossbow without penalty.



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