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    SORCERER - Introduction


                We are all given powers.  It is up to each of us to decide how we will use those powers.  Whether used for good or evil, law or chaos, the powers must get used.

                Some would tell you that sacrificing the use of these powers will lead to some great revelation.  Others will tell you that some of us are given powers to test us, to see if we are strong enough to resist them.  Others will say to you that you are damned for having the powers, whether you use them or not.

                I say the only sin you can commit is to ignore your powers.  Use them for whatever purpose you desire, but use them.


The introduction to Innate Justification

A book on the theory of sorcerous life


Every sorcerer on Habololy has a bloodline that has given her power over arcane magic.  Their power does not require the studies that a wizard must endure.  Their power is not understood by the general populations as a wizardís are.  For those reasons, the sorcerers are feared and hated.  It is a lonely life to be born a sorcerer.  That magical birth can be one of luck, fate, or granted power.


Each sorcerer eventually comes to know the origins of her powers; whether it traces back to an event earlier in life, or to her mother, or to her ancestors.  This secret may be obvious when she casts her first spell, or it may not reveal itself until the day she dies.  It is a secret that she is unlikely to share with anyone, save her closest confidants.


Much of history does not record the difference between sorcerers and wizards.  Some say it was because magic was just not understood by the majority enough to make such a distinction.  Others say that it was because the difference was known, but that everyone was more tolerant of sorcerers, and their strange power was not a concern.  The third line of reasoning and the one most believe, is that sorcerers did not exist, or at least were extremely rare, until the Return of Amat.  The upheaval of those years, with the death of several deities and the appearance of the moon, somehow caused the appearance of the sorcerer.


Regardless of oneís theory, everyone agrees that sorcererís were at first feared and ostracized.  This went on for two hundred years after the Return of Amat.  Then, what is known as the Age of the Bard began in the early 5th century.  As schools of all sorts, lead by colleges, began to flourish.  Understanding and fellowship among cultures and races was high.  The great nation of Icefia held sway over much of the world.  Between the early 400ís AC and the Day of Falling Death near the end of the 6th century, sorcerers made great strides.


It is during this time that many of the prestigious paths for sorcerers were first developed.  Belitrian began his legacy, Merca was the first spellcaster to be known as an item caster, the secrets of shape changing were unlocked by Gelpimelpin, and studious sorcerers taught at every college.  Elemental casters, counterspellers, and summoners moved into the main stream of spellcraft.  Wild casters were somewhat tolerated, and Mindshadows were identified.  Laws against sorcerers were removed or lessened in most nations.  Sorcerers were first allowed to hold the rank of high mage in some nations.


It is also during this time that great research was done into the differences between the sorcerers.  The Academy of Magic and Song in Amansky identified eight different sorcerous bloodlines.  When this knowledge began to spread through the world, the understanding of the sorcerer exploded.  It was just about that time when the Day of Falling Death came upon the world, and the Tinkocracy began to rampage.  The knowledge that had begun to spread like a warm breeze was stopped.


When the Tinkocracy was finally stopped, the world did not want understanding.  Clear lines between right and wrong, between good and evil were drawn.  The sorcerers fell on the wrong side of that line.  While some nations did not retreat back to their old ways, many banished or killed the sorcerers.  Colleges were forced to defend themselves from angry mobs and armies.  Sorcerers went into hiding, trying to pass themselves off as wizards.


Little has changed in most places since the fall of the Tinkocracy.  Sorcerers are treated in most places as diseased individuals, or worse.


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None of the deities of the Counsil have every openly admitted to creating the sorcerer.  None of the deities of the Counsil, despite what could amount to a huge jump in followers, has even taken on the sorcerers as one of their aspects.  Only a few: ArsuríAnyodel, Falan, Dresta, and Tommimao, allow sorcerers to openly worship them.  It is then clear why the sorcerers have become connected to the cults.

For their part, the cults have welcomed sorcerers with open arms.  Many consider Chaos the deity of sorcerers.  Loomashyn, Wandle, Corahakar, and Vishtoo all have sorcerers as followers.  Even Hemator attracts good sorcerers that are frustrated with the Counsil.

This frustration is clearly seen in the reaction of Smofarf and his clerics.  The faith of Smofarf is controlled from the String Mountains and controlled by the dwarves.  The dwarves hold a deep loathing that some call jealousy towards sorcerers.  It is common knowledge that there has never been a dwarven sorcerer.  The combination of the dwarven hatred and their control of the religion of Smofarf have led the god of magic into a bind.  To include openly all sorcerers into his embrace would match the deity in power with at least Treetop, if not Habastly and Dedestroyt.  But to do so would risk a civil strife in the religion itself.  So, while sorcerers remain a prime target in the places where the dwarven clergy hold sway, in other places, the clerics of Smofarf have often adopted a donít ask donít tell policy.



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