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Arcane Domain (General)

The study of your divine heritage allows you to cast more spells related to your patron.

Prerequisite:  Ability to cast 3rd level arcane spells, the Deity bloodline, 9 ranks of Knowledge (Religion).

Benefit:  You may select one of the domains your patron deity allows for his clerics.  Add all of the spells in that domain to the list of spells known.

Special:  This feat may be taken multiple times.  Every time it is taken, a different domain is selected.



Elemental Spell (Metamagic)

Any spell you cast can have an elemental type added to it.         

Prerequisite:  Energy Substitution, elemental bloodline, ability to cast 1st level arcane spells.  

Benefit:  A spell you cast gains the elemental subtype you have selected.  A spell cast in this way is cast at the same level as the base spell.           

Special:  This feat may be taken multiple times.  Every time it is taken, a different element type is selected.



Empower Skill (General)

You can channel your arcane energy into some of your mundane skills.         

Prerequisite:  Ability to cast 2nd level arcane spells. 

Benefit:  As a swift action, in conjunction with the use of a skill, you may spend a spell slot to empower the skill.  You may only use this on a skill in which you have at least 5 ranks.  For the one use of the skill, you may add double the spell level of the spell slot used as a modifier to the skill.  This may not be used as the on a skill which requires more than one full round to use.

Special:  The following skills may never be used in conjunction with the following skill: Appraise, Decipher Script, Knowledge, Craft, Profession, Survival, and Profession.




Faerie Invisibility (General)

Your have honed your natural connection to the faeries so that you can turn invisible.

Prerequisite:  Charisma 12+, faerie bloodline.

Benefit:  Three times per day, as a free action, you can turn invisible as per the Invisibility spell cast at your total character level.  This invisibility cannot be seen through by a standard See Invisibility spell, nor can it be dispelled by a standard Dispel Magic spell.



Spell Combining (Metamagic)

You have learned to mass the power of several less powerful spells to cast one spell of greater power.

Prerequisite:  Ability to cast spells spontaneously; any one other metamagic feat.

Benefit:  By combining spell slots of spells that you can cast spontaneously, you can cast higher level spells.  Add together spell slots that you have not used for the day until they total one higher than the level spell you want to cast.  You may then cast the higher level spell.  Example: You want to cast a Fireball, but have no 3rd level spells left.  Expend two 2nd level spells you have not used for the day, and you may cast the Fireball.

Special:  Any spell with a casting time of less than 1 round which is cast in this way is cast as a full round action.  If a spell has a casting time of one round or more, it is cast at the standard time.



Spell Mimicry (General)

After seeing a spell cast, you can attempt to use your innate arcane power to immediately recreate the spell.

Prerequisite:  Ability to cast arcane spells spontaneously; Spellcraft 15 ranks.

Benefit:  Whenever you witness an arcane spell being cast, you may make a spellcraft check at DC 20+spell level.  If the check is successful, you can cast it the following round.  Making the check requires a standard action.  If the spell being cast takes longer than one round to cast, the spell cannot be mimicked.  The following round, you may cast the spell.  It requires the standard amount of time to cast the spell and a spell slot of the standard level to cast the mimicked spell.  Only spell slots from spells that can be spontaneously cast can be used with this feat.

Special:  All of the spell components are still required to cast the spell.  A spell that was cast with a metamagic feat is mimicked as its base spell, not with the metamagic feat.  The spell being mimicked must have been seen and heard.  Silent or Still spells cannot be mimicked.



Sudden Prepared Spell (Metamagic)

You can spend a spell slot of a spontaneously cast spell to cast a spell that you have prepared.          

Prerequisite:  Ability to cast spells spontaneously; ability to prepare spells; Concentration 5 ranks.

Benefit:  By spending a spontaneous spell slot you can cast a spell that you have prepared but not yet used.  The spontaneous spell slot must be one level higher than the prepared spell.          

Special:  The prepared spell can be cast normally after the spontaneous spell is cast.  The spontaneous spell is cast from at the caster level of the class that allows you to spontaneously cast the spell.



Summons Extension (Metamagic)

By sacrificing some of your life energy and appropriate materials, you can bind a summoned creature to your plane for extended periods of time.           

Prerequisite:  Ability to cast at least one spell that summons a creature from another plane of existence.  Any other metamagic feat.          

Benefit:  By having items crafted for a specifically summoned creature and sacrificing experience, you can have a summoned creature remain on your plane.  The crafted materials must cost no less than 100gc per level of the spell that summoned it.  For every 10 experience points sacrificed by the caster, the creature will remain for an extra day past the spells normal duration.           

Normal:  The summoned creature disappears once the spell’s duration is ended.          

Special:  The crafted materials must be somehow incorporated into the creature.  Such as: gems for eyes.  They remain after the creature disappears, but are only half of their original value.  If used for an evil creature, the items retain a faint evil aura.  The same is true of good, chaotic, lawful, etc.



Undead Connection (General)

Your natural connection to negative planar energy allows you greater influence over the undead.           

Prerequisite:  Ability to Turn or Control undead, shadowy bloodline, ability to cast 1st level arcane spells.          

Benefit:  You may add your sorcerer levels to your other class levels for purposes of turning or controlling undead.



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