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    SORCERER - Equipment


Magic Items

The items listed below are not only for Sorcerers, but are generally more useful for Sorcerers than any other class.





Sorcerous Storage: This ring stores up to ten levels of spontaneous spell power.  A wearer of the ring can use the spell levels in the ring to cast any spell that the wearer could normally cast spontaneously.  The power from the ring replaces the normal spell slot the caster would have to use to cast the spell.  The caster retains the replaced spell slot for the day.


The ring can be charged by any spellcaster by casting spells into the ring while succeeding in a Use Magic Device skill check of DC15.  If a spell is cast into the ring that would cause the ring to go over the ten spell level limit, the ring does not absorb the spell and the spell cast takes its normal effect.


These rings first appeared when sorcerers were in their hay day before the War of Technology.


Moderate Evocation; CL: 15th; Prerequisites: Forge Ring, imbue with spell ability, ability to cast arcane spells spontaneously; Market Price: 150,000 gc.



Ring of Bloodlines: When a sorcerer wears this ring, he gains the subtype associated with his bloodline and all benefits and hindrances associated with that subtype.


Bloodlines Subtypes




Outsider (good)


Lawful, Chaotic, Good, or Evil


Outsider (evil)




Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Ice, or other








Moderate Transmutation; CL: 12th; Prerequisites: Forge Ring, subtype matching the type the ring grants; Market Price: 75,000 gc.





Quick Metamagic: Three times per day, the bearer of this rod can use a metamagic feat on a spontaneous spell as a standard action instead of a full round action.


Strong (no school); CL: 17th; Prerequisites: Craft Rod, Quicken Spell, ability to spontaneously cast spells; Market Price: 25,000 gc (lesser), 70,000 gc (normal), 123,000 (greater).




Wondrous Items


Robe of Absorption:  This robe absorbs up to ten levels of spells cast directly at the wearer.  To absorb a spell, the robe must be able to absorb all levels of the spell.  For example, if the robe has already absorbs 8 levels of spell and a Lightning Bolt is cast at the wearer, nothing happens to the Lightning Bolt.  The robe automatically absorbs a spell, before spell resistance or saving throws are rolled.


If the wearer is a spontaneous spellcaster, he can use the spell power absorbed into the robe to cast spells.  The level of the spells he casts does not have to match the levels of the spells absorbed.  If he casts a third level spell, three stored levels are used from the robe.  The wearer cannot cast a spell with half of the power coming from the robe and half from himself.  Every time the wearer uses the robe to power a spontaneous spell, he must make a Use Magical Device skill check at DC 15.  Failure means nothing happens.


Moderate Abjuration; CL: 9th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, Spell Turning; Market Price: 45,000 gc.



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