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    SORCERER - Basics


On Habololy, sorcerers derive their innate power from an ancestral relative.  The nature of that relative determines some basic abilities of the sorcerer.  Each sorcerer character must select a bloodline.


Sorcerer Bloodlines

Angelic – related to a celestial

Deity – descendant of a deity

Demonic – related to a creature of the lower planes

Draconic – dragon in humanoid form an ancestor

Elemental – self of parent exposed to great elemental forces

Enchantment – deeper than normal connection to the flow of magic

Faerie – descendant of a faerie creature

Shadowy – self or parent exposed to tremendous negative energy but didn’t die


The details for each bloodline are defined on Sorcerer Bloodlines.

The requirements section that appears in the description of each bloodline is defined below.





Races Allowed: The bloodlines are not universal.  Each race only has the possibility of having certain bloodlines.

Alignments Allowed: Besides being limited to certain races, bloodlines are also alignment specific.  This section lists the alignments allowed in a selected bloodline.

Bonus Skill: In addition to all of the existing class skills, the sorcerers of Habololy receive a skill which is always considered a class skill.  They also receive one free rank in that skill.  The skill is based on bloodline.

Bonus Language: The sorcerer, based on the bloodline he takes, may learn a language which has come to him innately.  He must spend the skill point(s) at first level to learn the language.  He may also spend the appropriate skill points to become literate in the language at 1st level or at a later time as long as he speaks the language.

Spell Selection: The bloodline a sorcerer has also effects his selection of spells.  This section details how a sorcerer’s spell selection is effected by his bloodline.

Abilities: Bloodlines sometimes give sorcerers other innate abilities.  This section details what ability, if any, is granted by the bloodline.



Upon reaching eleventh level, the sorcerer gains a relevant familiar enhancement feat.  The particular feat is listed with the description of each bloodline.  If the sorcerer already has the listed feat, he gains nothing.


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