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             Everyone knows how to create a character, so this section will not review the many basic concepts and ways in which that can be done.  What is defined below are some hints and tools useful in creating a character from Habololy.


  1. First off, a character sheet is needed.  The character sheet below is specific for Habololy, including the skills that are required for all characters:

Character Sheet.pdf               

    2.   When selecting a race for your Habololian character, remember the following:

bulletSome races require that you select from a list of favored classes a first level.
bulletThere are some racial feats that can only be taken when the character is created.
bulletNone of the basic Habololian races have an ECL.

    3.   When selecting a class, there are a few notes:

bulletIf selecting a fighter, a training style must be chosen.
bulletIf selecting a sorcerer, a bloodline must be selected.

    4.    Once you have decided upon a race, class, and general concept for a character, the character's background needs to be fleshed out.  To aid this process, the following questionnaire is provided.  Besides some questions that would be pertinent to all characters, it asks questions that are specific to Habololian characters.

Character Questionaire.pdf

   5.    When you are ready to select your feats, remember that there are many Habololian feats, and a complete list of ones from a variety of sources that work with the setting is also available.

   6.    When selecting skills, remember that no one starts with literacy, it has to be paid for in skill points.  Also, every character starts with one rank of Knowledge (Geography)

   7.    When selecting your spells, keep in mind that there are some spells that are not usable on Habololy.

   8.    If you are a cleric, or have access to domains, there are some new ones and some that have altered spells and abilities.


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