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Sons of Palumbton

Koth - The son of one of the only orcs in North Palumbton and a human mother, Koth has always used his size and strength to try and protect his townsfolk.  He is a blacksmith by trade.  When he finally realized the sad nature of his town's existence, he swore to free it.

Malek - A curious human that most inhabitants of North Palumbton took for an orphan.  He was content with a strange low key slightly magical life until he and Koth met a dwarf who washed up on to the beach and told them of the world.

Ward - A friend of Koth who saw the half-orc as a brother and a ticket away from the boredom of a life as a butcher's son.

Daane - The dwarven bard from a far away city that revealed to the people of North Palumbton how miserable their lives were.

Rhyssh - An enslaved Sandoo that escaped from his slavers' ship with the dwarven bard Daane.

Barry - A young boy in North Palumbton who was devoted to the faith of Tfop and joined Koth and Malek in their quest.


Return to Palumbton

Koth - After years away from his home, Koth returns to give the town a better existence than the one he knew.

Malek - Koth's good friend, he too returns to help North Palumbton.

Daane - After they helped him get back to Port Springs, Daane swore that he would help Koth and Malek free their home.

Rhyssh - With a new found hatred of Sutyr, he returned to Palumbton to kill the Flamemaster.

Malchia - While traveling with Daane, he got caught up in the mission to Palumbton.

Korda - Sent to Palumbton by the clerics of Tyrogatore, Korda find a mutual goal with the others.

Acyll - Forced to leave Icefia by the Loyalty Act of 782, Acyll has traveled with Daane to the main continent.


Heroes of Palumbton

Koth - Having finally been able to settle at home, Koth now seeks to ensure the safety of his town and those aligned with it.  He looks to protect his sister, who has become the leader of the Confederated Towns of Palumbton.

Malek - Koth's good friend.  Now trailed by a mysterious barbarian that promises to have information about Malek's past.

Korda - Keeping a careful watch on the clerics of Tyrogatore in Palumbton from the safety of North Palumbton.

Acyll - Again driven from his home in Icefia by war, Acyll has traveled to visit his former companions as he travels the world.

Knot - On a mission to find his old companion Rhyssh, he now seeks revenge on his killer.






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