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Corsairs of the Vigilant Seas

Claude Greymander - A human from Port Talp that has signed up looking for adventure away from home. He leaves the Vigilant Seas for four months on a mission for Tfop, but later returns after hearing word of his father's death.  (sessions 1-12, 15-24)


Sasskra - A Vass expatriate of the Fensyn pirates, he is looking for redemption from his deeds and those of his clan. (sessions 1-17, 23)


Nathan - A human cleric of Lakius from Aggent and many other places.  He has sailed for most of his life and quickly became the ship's navigator. (sessions 1+)


Valdis - A half-orc warrior that says little and attacks when told, his conversation is minimal. During a visit to Port Springs, he is driven away by a cleric of Lakius and cannot be found.  (sessions 1-14, 24+)


Gnaximus - A seemingly happy gnomish spotter that says more than he should.  He is looking to adventure and enjoy the seas. After actions deemed detrimental to the ship, he is forced off by Amare.  (sessions 1-9)


Raketomi - An aspiring corsair who sets off on an new adventure aboard the ship.  He drowns during a hurricane. (sessions 1-7)


Xavier - A crafter from Port Talp who saw the ship as an opportunity.  He luckily survived when his cannon exploded, but has since become a skilled member of the crew. (sessions 1-12, 16+)


Yurishami - The fifth son of a crafting family that set off to make some coin using his crafting talents aboard the Vigilant Seas. (sessions 1-12)


Gabriel - A disgraced member of the Icefian military that is trying to earn his glory and way back into honorable service. (sessions 1+)


Laz - A Vass with a hatred for pirates. (sessions 1-17, 23+)


Roland - A child of Tyrogatore that has been stranded in Undrile trying to protect the faith from attack.  When the Vigilant Seas arrives, the faith sees an opportunity to have him go and spread word that help is needed. (sessions 9-12, 15+)





Gno - The captain of the Stormer and the Admiral of a three ship merchant fleet.  He is forced to take on the group to his ship when they all need to flee Phiam.  (sessions 13-15)


Lucien - A sorcerer looking for a new job as ship's mage.  He is hired by Daane. (sessions 13-24)


Haas - He has joined Claude after he discovered that one of the plotters who has targeted Tyrogatore is the same pirate captain that the Vigilant Seas is hunting.  (sessions 15-17, 23)


Rin - A Horarian girl dedicated to protect the animals of the sea.  After finding nothing good in Phiam, she gets out of the city on the Vigilant Seas before becoming the Prelate on the ship.  (sessions 15+)


Horimoto - A one legged Horarian monk who is hired to be the doctor on the new Riptide ship.  He is a worshipper of Quan Yin dedicated to defending others.  He died on Greymander island. (sessions 16-24)


Gnelson - the mechanic for the Riptide. (sessions 16+)





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