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Rodiosha - A grean constable out to protect the co-op from criminals.

Gneblin - A tinker gnome that is putting in his time as a constable.

Finn - A halfling gunslinger that joined the constables for the pay.

Luther - A half-elf with amnesia and a lot of firearms.


Marston - One of the residents of the plateau that Gram found to help rescue Emmerick.  He is a human ranger and firearm user devoted to Falan. (9+)


Artemus - Another human from the plateau, he is a tinker and a genius cleric of Falan.  He also joins in the rescue mission for his fellow cleric.  (9-12, 20+)


Gnevil - A gnomish tinker and ranker of Falan, he runs a shop with Artemus in the town of Grimhold.  He too is recruited by Gram.  While hunting the the vampire Gnoah near Grimhold, he is crushed and killed by a clicker undead construct house.  (9-13)


Harrick - A cleric and wizard of Falan looking for a safe place to ply his trade that uses mindless undead to serve his needs. (9+)


Sylvestor - A gnomish wizard that has set up shop in the town of Grimhold.  He meets the others and finds a reason to end up with them.  (10+)


Tuco -  A mercenary that has come to take the job of undead destroyer.  He is a half-elf that is originally from the Plateau and has returned after years abroad. (13+)

Harris - A disgraced mercenary who last called Icefia home, he has made his way to the plateau for another chance at wealth. (13+)

Finn - An older halfling cleric and grovetender of Habastly that is hoping to rejuvenate the land of the Skulllord.  (14+)

Saron - A paladin of the old way that has come to Grimhold to find his old companions and fight the undead. (18+)




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