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Campaign Events 

Session 90: Same Turf, New Challenges (Mefeeti 786)


The group reassembles after leave in Portet.  Robert, Gneetah, Brevis, Ularik, and Vassilli are together again.  They are joined by the returned sergeant Windbourne as well as the dwarf Tannic.  Quarrol is not there, as all of the elven liaisons are protesting the recent change in the city's designation.  After a meeting with the new first deputy, a female ice gnome who has replaced the under investigation Chartok, the group is given some paperwork and discusses how to go about their assignment.  It is decided that they will patrol normally, not avoiding challenges, but not being too aggressive.


They head down to the dock section, where many new businesses are opening.  Cheap buildings and an influx of new residents have remade the area.  In a month, the task will be much more difficult because of the opening of the port.  Vassilli enters as many buildings as possible in order to be able to remotely view them later.  The group makes note of as many new owners and residents as possible.  The elven and gnomish Redleaf family has a number of shops under their control.  Most of the scaled elves are near hostile to the constables.

Session 93:
 Moving over to the East Side (Mefeeti 786)

The group's new assignment is on the East Side of the river.  Still without Quarol, the constables begin to introduce themselves to the locals and the new business owners.  They enter the Gree section of the city and talk to some if its leaders. During their introductions to the Redleafs, they find some suspicious activity and end up chasing the trail of a dragged body.  The trail goes cold, and they wander around trying o pick up some clues.


The group heads towards the docks, where they find a Redleaf warehouse.  After finding no one at home, they go in and find evidence of a fight.  Vassilli's skills are put to good use and they learn a bit about the fight, but have no way to find any of those involved.


The docks offer some more new faces; an inn and shops.  They question and introduce and find some Horarians watching them, but nothing comes of it.

Session 94:
 A New Sergeant, But the Same Problems (Mefeeti 786)

The next day, the group learns that Quorl is their new sergeant and Windbourne has been transferred.  Vassilli is assigned to desk duty, because it is too dangerous for him to be out and about with a price on his head.  After a meeting with the new first deputy, where Quorl is forced to relinquish his sword, the group heads off to patrol the city.


First, the go to the west side markets and talk to all of the Redleafs and others they had talked to a week before.  Collecting information, they find the building that had the secret entrance to the sewer has burned down.  The Redleafs have painted all of the shops the same color.  They discover little else.


The group then heads to the east side, to look at the warehouse and investigate the break in further.  They stop in the Captain's Chair and see some familiar faces; Horarians and Icefian fops.  They leave.  They are followed by two of the fops.  Seeing this, Quorl ducks to the side and then pops up behind them just as the group is nearing the warehouse.  They begin to interrogate the two.  They are giving strange answers when the group spots to men with bows on top of the warehouse.  The fops flee and the group goes into action.


Brevis gives Robert wings and he flies towards the bowmen.  A moment later, he has bourne one to the ground and begins to choke him out.  The other, after diving to attack Robert on the ground, is accosted by Quorl and later Gneetah and soon after bound.  Vassilli entangles a fop, Tannic tackles the other.  A group of eight more fops rush towards the Tannic.  They throw him aside and free their friends.  Brevis casts spells attacking the fops, Quorl charges them.  Brevis and Vassilli and dazed by the shout of the leader of the fops, but not before Vassilli blocks their escape with a wall of fire.


Quorl and Tannic engage the leader, delaying him.  By the time they are dazed, Vassilli and Brevis are recovered and use magic and mind to delay and attack the fops.  Robert drops the bowman to Gneetah, who begins to solidly bind the second one, and then flies to help the others.  In a running battle, the fops continue to fail to get away from the tackling, Vassilli's power and Brevis' magic.  It appear as if they will get away again, but Rob causes the ground to rumble and most of the fops are knocked down.  Rob is dazed, but that allows Tannic and Quorl to again get to the leader.  They become dazed, but again Rob is able to reach the leader, after taking a lightning bolt.


Finally the other fops are ordered to flee and the leader tries to as well, but he is surrounded.  Quorl has tripped him, Brevis and assaulted him with dagger, light, and sound.  Vassilli has unleashed fire and lightning upon him.  Rob lands and Tannic makes him stronger and he is finally able to grappled the leader.  To make sure he doesn't escape Brevis turn him into Big Rob.

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