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Session 1:  A Trap for the Dragonslayers (26th Trest 785)

bulletThe meeting ended, the dragonslayers and the other begin to leave the restaurant.  Within moment, screams are heard from outside and everyone soon realizes that dragons have arrived and are attacking.
bulletWith more help arriving from all corners of the city, the dragons retreat.  Only a red one remains, flying over the city burning buildings and being chased.  Before it is caught, one of its elders grabs it and drags it into the sky.

Session 2:  Into the Den of Greenfellow (26th Trest 785 to 3rd Huenti 785)

bulletWhile waiting outside of the treewall, the group is set upon by a dragon, Flachel, who has been harassing Claude and his companions for some time.  The group is blasted by Flachel's breath and spells as he descends and scatter them.  They begin to prepare and recover.  Roland, hidden in the tree during the attack drops down onto the back of the dragon and in one perfect strike, kills it.
bulletAfter the meeting with Greenfellow and / or his representative, the group splits apart.  Haas, Grant, and Roland head into the forest to follow Tyrogatore's commands.  Claude and the newly Freed Juno head their own way.  Shimi and Saladien return to Icefia.

Session 3:  What to do when one finds a Kobald cult to Greenfellow (Mafeeti 785 to Napay 785)

bulletAfter leaving Scalehome, Juno and Claude travel first through the Great Forest.  After some time there, the Fey begin to act strangely.  Juno decides to take them to Yellowia, where they can visit his old friends the Poeds, and also visit the home of Anth'Lumien to pay his respects.  They travel uneventfully until they reach the estate.  Once there, they meet Wilham Poed, a younger halfling who is under house arrest for his actions which are suspicious to the king and unbecoming a Poed noble.  Also there is a human huntsman named Ash, who is in hiding.  Another halfling, this one from Yellowia, arrives waiting to deliver a message to a waywatcher of the guardians.  The group spends several days together.
bulletThey are joined when Lord Maximillion of Meldrage arrives with a shadowy figure named John and a bodyguard named Kovar.  The Lord wants Wilham's help, but he refuses.  He then turns to the others gathered and makes them an offer if they will go and collect information about a cult forming in the Kobald settlement.  After some negotiations, John, Claude, Ash, and Rubius agree.  They set out two days later for the Kobald settlement, with Ash leading the way.  Their several week trip is uneventful.
bulletOnce they near the settlement, they see an encampment of Yellowian soldiers watching the settlement.  For a day, they watch.  Invisibile and hiding, they take turns going into the settlement and looking around.  They find the shrines and the markets.  They follow merchants that enter the settlement to watch where they go.  They look for patterns and trends on those that enter and leave so they can do similarly without raising suspicion.  During one expedition, they see a Kobald performing with a large lizard headdress.  They watch him go into a small fenced area with several houses.  Having gathered more than a days worth of information, they decide to go into the camp find the cult leader.
bulletThe four have little problem using their magic and skills to get to the fenced area.  Once there, they get closer.  Moving in and circling the hut, John sees the Kobald with the headdress inside practicing his performance.  He moves he and abruptly knocks out the Kobald.  Rubius sneaks in an puts him in a magical bag.  Outside, Claude and Ash hear movement and see another Kobald sneak out of the hut.  Claude catches him with a blow cloud of gas, choking the Kobald and preventing him from speaking.  He runs away but into a waiting Ash who puts three arrows in the creatures nearly killing it.  Rubius collects the other Kobald into the bag and the group exits the settlement.
bulletOnce out, the move swiftly away and safely back to the Poed Estate.  After ten days of fast travel, they arrive and contact Lord Maximillion.  He promptly returns to the estate and collects the Kobalds and information.  Each is paid what they had asked for by the lord.  Rubius remains for another day or two before returning to Icefia.  Lord Maximillion takes John back to Meldrage with him.  Juno returns.

Session 4:  The Trail Leads to a Cultist Base (Napay 785 to Progonust 785)

bulletFor a month and a half, Claude and Ash enjoy the hospitality of the Poed estate.  Juno returns and remains with them as well.  Wilham is happy to have the company.  Claude tries to perfect dehydrated pies with one of the Poeds.  Lord Maximillion returns with information from the captured cultists.  He has learned that they have a base just outside the great forest.  He wants them to do harm in some way to the base.  The group agrees, after the Lord persuades them and offers them any treasure they find.  Joining the group will be a member of the Lord's guild, a gnome named Gnax, who accepted the mission because he knows Claude.
bulletAt the estate, the collect a wagon and pony to travel.  Wilham agrees to accompany them to the edge of Yellowia.  Gnax borrows some items from Lord Maximillion, who also agrees to take Gnax and Claude to Port Talp for a few hours to get ice cream and items.
bulletThe trip to the base is uneventful.  Ash leads using the directions given to him.  Once within a few miles, the group scouts out the base.  Gnax is almost found, but he evades contact.  The rest find the lay out of the place.  A low wall, levels dug into the ground, buildings made of brick and thatch, kobalds and no humans.  The regroup and devise a plan for the next morning in darkness.  They will start fires, draw attention away, and make their way to the center, where the most distinct building is.  After a night of rest, they set out to enact the plan.
bulletThey light the fires, and move towards the center.  Everyone gets there uneventful, except Gnax.  He is seen and calls of warning are made.  The fire, which worked as a distraction, covers some of the calls.  At the central building, Shadow and Ash wait until they hear a noise from inside.  Ash breaks through the door, getting poisoned in the process, and finds a large scaled green figure fighting an invisible opponent, who is winning.  Claude had entered and attacked the lone figure.  That creature moves to and altar and kneels in prayer for only second before Ash ends it life.  They rest make it inside, only to be followed by two kobalds.  Claude removes a staff from the altar and the kobalds change into larger dragon like lizardfolk.  Claude puts a wall of sand up to block the door.  The others make quick work of the creatures inside.
bulletThey hear noises from outside and realize they are being surrounded.  Gnax goes down a staircase, the only other exit.  He finds treasure and eggs, but is attacked by gargoyles.  The others move to help him, but find themselves ineffective against the stone constructs.  They begin to destroy eggs and one gargoyle, when they realize a dragon is coming.  With no choices, they descend into the egg room and find a vent from which hot air is heating the eggs.  Despite burns, they descend into the chute and escape, thanks to some Claude salve.  They just manage to get out of range of the dragon and luckily make it away and back to Yellowia.

Session 5:  A Call for Help (Progonust 786)

bulletAfter a year in Yellowia, traveling and laying low, Juno gets a message from his friends at the Fellos Estate.  They are embroiled in the Fey War and have been made aware that a great beast of Scalehome is coming to destroy them.  Juno cannot help because of his oath he took to leave Scalehome, but he agrees to send Claude.  Ash goes for the potential profit and Shadow goes when he hears that Haas is there.  The three are picked up in the Fellos Estate's flying ship and taken to the estate.
bulletAt the estate, they meet with a variety of residents, as well as the Tyrogatore contingent; which includes Haas, Lennie, Valizar, Grant, and their Drunbarran ally Reik.  Shortly after arriving, Ellic calls them into a meeting.  Also present are the leaders of the Estate and the Emenotan and Graplore champions Kellen and Bartlet.  Their counsel discusses the imminant attack approaching the estate from the Mad Beast, a half breed creature from Scalehome.  After gathering as much information as the can, partially from Barlet who fought the beast the last time it appeared 49 years ago, the group makes a plan.  They are going to go out and engage the beast as far from the estate as possible.  Haas, Claude, Shadow, Lennie, Riek, Ash, Valizar, Grant, and Bartlett will make of the force.
bulletThey head out after less than a day, taking equipment and supplies.  On the trail, the cast spells and keep watch.  On the trail, they encounter two estate scouts that give them details of the beast and where it is and that it travels with likely fey.  The night before and the morning of the fight, they prepare with spells.

Session 6:  The Mad Beast (Progonust 786)

bulletAfter preparing spells and location on a hill above a clearing, the group waits for their prey.  They hear it coming through the forest in the distance.  With Grant and Bartlett anchoring the center and in the open, Haas, Lennie, and Shadow are on their left flank, while Ash, Valizar, and Claude are on the right flank.  Reik has dug in beyond the clearing to surface and trap the beast and fey with stone and then shoot at them.
bulletAsh sees movement and after being turned invisible by Claude, he goes to investigate.  Getting there, he finds five fey, three flying and two on the ground.  He attack, and is soon joined in the battle by Valizar.  The two kill and drive off they fey.  Before they can return to the others, a silent mad beast enters the clearing and breaths a cloud of acid turned to ice by the fey magic.  Ash flees in fear, but Predator drags him back towards the rally point where he recovers.
bulletShadow braves the beast and charges in, followed by Bartlet and Lennie.  Haas, Claude, and Grant cast spells.  Valizar and Ash are drained before they can attack the beast and try to deal with fey.  The clearing fills with mist and the beast begins to win the battle with Lennie, Bartlett, and Shadow.  The others cannot see to help.  Haas dismisses the mist but is quickly dispelled of many of his blessings, and his elemental he summoned is dismissed.
bulletThe beast throws Barlett away, hitting and nearly killing Shadow in the process.  Lennie stands alone against the beast.  Claude and Ash face off against the fey, winning abut unable to turn to aid against the beast.  The beast goes into a rage.  The fey buzz around, hitting everyone with spells, weakening them.  Bartlett and Lennie are killed by a sweep of the beast's tail.  Ash and Shadow kill the leader of the fey, and Grant is finally ready.  Grant and Valizar charge to attack the beast, with Grant not having to move to do it.  His attacks are legendary and weaken it greatly.  The fey rush in, to heal the beast.  Valizar smashes it as best he can in his weakened state.
bulletThe head of the dead fey leader curses Ash.  Shadow collapses.  Claude flies in to charge the beast and with two mighty swipes kills it and drags its soul into the Greymander.




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