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 775 AC

Leenot - The Tyrogatorian orphans of Lynkeed travel to the Graplore in Cadullon.


 776 AC

Progonust - A plot to take control of Lynkeed by merchants is thwarted.


777 AC

Trest - Keldaan comes to the String Mountains for the first time.

Mafeeti - Ajax, Knot, and their elven companion escape slavery in Borkondof.

Baston Sun - Keldaan reaches Port Springs, where he meets Daane.


778 AC

Praemon - Reik, Grimdrek, and Harris leave Port Springs for Icefia.

Trest - Reik and Grimdrek meet the King of Icefia and go to the Bardic College.

Leenot - Grimdrek and Reik establish a shrine to Drunnbar in the northern mines of Icefia.

Mafeeti - Grimdrek and Reik meet the Queen of the West.

Progonust - The Stalker of the Dead attacks Solaris in Port Talp.

Baston Sun - The giants lay siege to Magenthia, which is lifted with the help of Captain Gno, Harris, Grimderk and company.

Baston Sun - Daane, Keldaan are the only survivors after they supposedly kill Allar.


779 AC

Wavery - Plateauian constables begin to unravel the coming of the drow.

Trest - The Silversword Daane gathers new allies in Port Springs to fight the Day Turned Dark.

Leenot - Daane and his companions are captured and scattered.

Mafeeti - In Jaswap, a giant attack is repulsed with the help of Grimdrek, Harris, Ajax and others.

Napay - In the town of Whitefalls, the heroes of Icefia fail to rescue the slavers and mostly die trying.


780 AC

Coustus - Daane returns to Port Springs and finds that he must rescue Montaron before going after the Day Turned Dark.

Wavery - Daane and companions uncover Illithid in the mountains.

Huenti - In Port Springs, the bounty hunter Breach along with Montaron's brothers try to collect him, but are defeated.

Mafeetit - Vega discovers a connection between the Day Turned Dark and the illithids.

Napay - Grizby is killed in the final battle with the illithids, who are defeated.

Baston Sun - The Stalker of the Dead finds Solaris in the String Mountains, but fails to kill him.


781 AC

Praemon - A group of adventures enters Yellowia while hunting a Bullette; they are imprisoned, where they meet Daane.

Leenot - The mounted heroes of Yellowia fight against the Hills Giants and the Cult of the Slaughter.

Mafeeti - At the Bardic College of Yellowia, the Collector appears during a fight between the leaders of the college and the Mounted Heroes of Yellowia.


782 AC

Coustus - The Battle of Muletvlen Gorge takes place.

Praemon - The Children of Tyrogatore are forced to flee the Orphanage with relics of Tyrogatore.

Wavery - The Children of Tyrogatore battle a horde of halflings at Tenpines.

Kiusta - The constables of the Plateau move to a new town and become the constables in charge.

Kiusta - Asinjin, Rubius, and Tolan hunt for the gems that allow demons to exist in the world.

Kiusta - The Flamemaster of the volcano of Palumbton is killed by Koth.

Leenot - In Magenthia, the Children of Tyrogatore battle the Vishtoo and drive him off.

Leenot - A plague is in Northut and a Sahaugin Lord attacks the city; Daane, Solaris, Koth, and company fend off the attack

Mafeeti - The Children reach Jaswap where Haas briefly becomes high cleric.

Mafeeti - The Heroes of Icefia and the Guardians defeat giants and their Flamemaster leader in Baenrl.

Mafeeti - The dictator of Palumbton, the cleric of Tyrogatore known as the Bane is defeated by Koth.

Napay - In the western String Mountains, fugitives from Port Springs uncover a giant cult and help defeat part of it.

Progonust - Daane and friends arrive in Port Springs where they hope to finally defeat Allar.

Progonust - The Heroes of Icefia split up at the Guardian Temple.

Baston Sun - The Tournament of Palumbton finishes.

Baston Sun - Daane and allies are captured by Allar, but then escape and defeat him as he nearly summons a great demon.


783 AC

Coustus - Montaron and friends hunt down kidnappers of Dovan across the Frozensky Forest.

Coustus - Vega and companions hunt down the remaining members of the Day Turned Dark.

Smofena - Ajax, Haas and others leave the city of Lynkeed for the Great Forest to prepare it for the orcish army.

Smofena - The enemies of the Day Turned Dark leave Port Springs to track the last members down in Icefia.

Praemon - In Port Fiam, the hunters finally catch the last member of the Day Turned Dark.

Leenot/Napay - The Battle of the Forest Coalition occurs.

Napay - Russel's wards apparently return from the future

Progonust - Ajax and companions reach Barnstenagor, where they discover a growing number of Chaos Trolls.

Baston Sun - Ajax, Koth, Malek and friends travel Barnstenagor gathering aid to fight the trolls and their chaos masters.


784 AC

Coustus - The Battle of Hilltops and The Battle of Mount Fury against the Chaos Trolls are fought.

Smofena - The Vigilant Seas sets sail with a new crew.

Praemon - The allies of Garanuf leave Swef.

Mafeeti - The expatriates Ty and Kovar return to Yellowia.

Mafeeti - The battle of Alesund in the String Mountains.

Napay - The cleric of Tyrogatore, Ecari, is rescued from Borkondof.

Napay - The siege of the giant town Dramman begins.

Baston Sun - The Vigilant Seas returns to Icefia.


785 AC

Coustus - In the underdark of the String Mountains, the heroes of Tyrogatore, Tfop, Stasis, and Hemator defeat the deep dragon of Corahakar.

Smofena - The Stalker of the Dead confronts Saint Solaris in Cergoyle and forces him to flee.

Smofena - The Marshall's Tournament is held in Iott.

Praemon - Solaris and his chosen arrive in Pacyr.

Wavery - An undead assault in Mydir is defeated by Solaris' chosen and Ajax.

Wavery - The Vigilant Seas and The Riptide defeat the notorious pirate ship the Sexy Treasure

Trest - Lodurmus is elected president of Pacyr.

Trest - Dragons attack the bardic college of Icefia

Huenti - The king of the Frost Giants is assassinated.

Heunti - The Collector is reprimanded by Counsil for intervening without sufficient cause during an assassination attempt of his herald.

Kiusta - The deity of Cald reveals himself and attacks the outskirts of Desartalla in Pacyr.

Kiusta - The king of Icefia is killed.

Kiusta - The siege of Dramman ends with the Battle of Dramman.

Mafeeti - Koth and the heroes of North Palumton defeat the Bloated and his barbarian champion Neal to end the barbarian threat.

Napay - The Fey War begins in the Great Forest.

Progonust - Messada is sieged.

Baston Sun - The cleric of Falan, Emmerick, is smuggled out of Hertoplowis.


786 AC

Coustus - The last of a cult of Cald is defeated in the northern wastes.

Coustus - The wedding of Arian, new king of Icefia.

Smofena - The Icefians begin to occupy the Scaled Elven lands.

Pramon - The Day of the Scorpion occurs.

Wavery - An undead horde attacks Portet.

Leenot - The Tower of Time is destroyed in Iott.

Mafeeti - Port Talp declares itself against the Horarian pirates in the Coastal War.

Progonust - The Fellos Estate is attacked by Scalehome and the Fey,


787 AC

Pramon - The settlement of the Skull Lord's former  lands on the Plateau begins.

789 AC

Kiusta - The goblin Naz wins the festival of Ermaneo.









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