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Behind the Scenes

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          Listed below are the occurrences in some official Habololy campaigns.  They describe the dates, characters, and events of each campaign.

Children of Tyrogatore

The quest to uncover and defeat the plot against the religion of Tyrogatore.


Occurrences in the city of Lynkeed.

Cults of Law

This campaign focused on the exploits of the several followers of Drunnbar and Hemator.


Orcish and Yellowia heroes atop their steeds fight to bring the two nations together.


The efforts of several sons of Palumbton to escape and then free the city.

The Day Turned Dark

The struggle of Daane Silversword and his many companions against the cult bent on bringing demons back to Habololy.

Troubles in Icefia

The guardian temple's efforts to stave off invasion of an outer planar nature.

Wild, Wild Plateauia

Adventures in the lawless frontier that is the Great Plateau.

Quest of the Kingmaker

The efforts of Ajax and his allies to bring noble leaders to the world.

Seas of Adventure

Sailing on the Vigilant Seas and looking for wrongs to right.

A Frozen Threat

Uncovering the dangers coming from the arctic.


Solaris' Heroes

The quests of the undead hunters gathered together by Solaris.


The Luckiest Dragonslayer

Having found a new calling, that of his grandfather, Claude has set out to become a dragonslayer.


Rogues of Port Talp

A group of intrepid characters try their hand at starting a new guild in Port Talp.


The Eight Gnolls

Littermates set out to win a war and avenge their father's death.


The Marshall's Tournament

An arcane tournament to determine the new Marshall of the nation of Iott.


The Suian 516 AC

A historic tournament set in the Diamond Age of Habololy.


The Festival of Ermaneo 789 AC

The competition part of the festival held to honor the Counsil every twelve years in the city of Ermaneo.



The Campaign Timeline

An effort to explain how all of the campaigns fit together with the goings on of Habololy.


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