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A Frozen Threat NPC's



Garanuf - A Guardian of the String Mountains and the Frozensky Forest that has been investigating a new threat from the north involving cults of frost and cold.   He has enlisted the help of others that share his concern or are willing to help for other reasons.


Markel - A Frozensky ranger and giant killer that volunteers to go north with the group.  His is a former student of Garanuf.


Lor'Jek - A Frozensky cleric of Treetop that agrees to go with the group.  He is drawn to the mission because he senses the danger to the stability of the nature of the forest from this threat.  Once in the northern barrens, he is captured.  Years later he is rescued after the siege of Dramman fails.


Taval - A representative of the Sakor'akai of the forest that listens to Garanuf's words.  He is a sorcerer and ranger.  He accompanies the group north to help, but won't travel north of Alesund due to the cold.


Roflander - The frost giant lord who rules the town nearest the northern barbarians and who has the most contact with the cults of the cold.  He aids the group in finding out what the cults are trying to do.


Damon -  A frost giant Knight of the White Sword that has defended the last barbarians town not under the control of the cults.  He is a retainer of Lord Roflander.


Arouf - The southern watch captain of Dramman.  He and Marhand became good friends during the group's stay in Dramman.


Onna - K'Shen's cousin who arrives from Cald to check up on him.  She brings news and information as she joins the group's efforts to defeat the cults.






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