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The following list only deals with specific magical weapons.

Item Name Brief Description Source
Arrow of Biting  +1 arrow that injects poison Magic Item Compendium
Assassin Whip  +1 whip entangles after hitting target Magic Item Compendium
Assassin's Dagger Add +1 to the DC of any death attack Dungeon Master Guide
Axe of the Sea Reavers  +1 greataxe gives morale bonus to allies; panics foes; and allows user to float on water Magic Item Compendium
Bladed Crossbow  +1 weapon can be used as a battleaxe or crossbow Magic Item Compendium
Burrowing Arrow  +1 arrow whose removal causes an extra d8 damage Complete Warrior
Dagger of Defiance  +1 dagger grants a +3 save against enchantments Magic Item Compendium
Dagger of Venom One per day, wielder may use the poison spell Dungeon Master Guide
Death Spike  +1 cold iron spear that grants the weilder hit points and a morale bonus after a target is reduced to below 0 Magic Item Compendium
Dwarf Crusher  +1 adamatium greatclub that makes touch attacks against dwarves and creatures of the earth subtype Magic Item Compendium
Dwarven Thrower Add +1 when wielder by dwarf, becomes returning, has a 30 ft. range, and deals an extra 1d8 damage, or 2d8 vs. giants. Dungeon Master Guide
Explosive Sling  +1 sling whose bullets explode for 2d6 fire damage Magic Item Compendium
Flame Tongue Once per day, wielder can use a 30 fiery ray that deals 4d6 damage Dungeon Master Guide
Fountainhead Arrow Creates a 10-foot acid burst when it hits Magic Item Compendium
Frost Brand Gives off light when below 0 degrees, absorbs 10 points of fire damage per round, extinguishes nonmagical fire in area, displels magical fire Dungeon Master Guide
Ghost Net Ensnares incorporeal creatures making them easier to hit Magic Item Compendium
Holy Avenger When used by paladin: gives SR 5+level to wielder and those adjacent, wielder can greater dispel magic once per round at wielder's level.  Dungeon Master Guide
Javelin of Lightning Becomes a 5d6 lightning bolt when thrown Dungeon Master Guide
Lance of the Last Rider  +1 lance that allows rider a free bull rush Complete Warrior
Lash of Sands  +1 dessicating burst whip that deals damage to entangled creature Magic Item Compendium
Life Drinker Wielder gains a negative level on wielder and two negative levels on target when it deals damage Dungeon Master Guide
Living Chain  +1 spiked chain that grants a +2 to trip attacks Magic Item Compendium
Luck Blade Wielder gains a +1 bonus to all saving throws; once per day may reroll any one roll, contains 1d4-1 wishes Dungeon Master Guide
Mace of the Dark Children  +1 adamantium heavy mace grants a +2 bonus to rebuke undead attempts and user is considered 2 levels higher for rebukes Magic Item Compendium
Manticore Greatsword  +1 greatsword that can launch spikes Magic Item Compendium
Nine Lives Stealer Up to nine times, when the weapon critically hits, the target makes a DC20  Fortitude saving throw or dies Dungeon Master Guide
Oathbow Against a sworn enemy: has a +5 bonus, deals a additional 2d6 damage, and is x4 critical. Dungeon Master Guide
Pearl Trident  +3 Returning pearlsteel trident that grants wielder the Aquatic Shot feat Stormwrack
Pick of Iceparting  +2 cold bane heavy pick that can critical ice creatures normally immune to critical hits; 1/day can explode ice formations Frostburn
Pick of Piercing Can destroy force created objects Magic Item Compendium
Reaver's Cutlass  +1 wounding cutlass that sticks in wound and deals constitution damage Stormwrack
Rod of Defiance Treat as a +1 heavy mace; creatures within 30 feet treated as 4 hit dice lower for turn and rebuke Magic Item Compendium
Rod of Freedom Treat as a +1 silver heavy mace; +4 morale bonus against compulsion; deal nonlethal damage without penalty; dispel charmed creatures Magic Item Compendium
Rod of Surpirses An improved rod of lordly might Magic Item Compendium
Rod of Whips Acts as a +1 dancing whip Magic Item Compendium
Rogue Blade Allows weilder to Blink Magic Item Compendium
Scourge of Pain  +1 scourge which causes additional penalties due to pain Magic Item Compendium
Screaming Bolt All creatures within 20 ft of the path of the bolt make a DC14 save or be shaken. Dungeon Master Guide
Sharkdoom Spear  +2 keen thundering spear that can effect target with Sink spell every twelve minutes Stormwrack
Slaying Arrow Specific type of creature hit by arrow makes a Fortitude save or dies Dungeon Master Guide
Sleep Arrow Target hit by arrow makes Fortitude save or falls asleep Dungeon Master Guide
Spectral Dagger Attacks as touch weapon and deals a chill touch effect Magic Item Compendium
Spider Fang  +1 dagger which cuts through webs and creates a poison web Magic Item Compendium
Stonereaver  +1 greataxe which gains bane against earth subtype for dwarves Magic Item Compendium
Stunshot Sling  +1 sling that can stun targets Magic Item Compendium
Sun Blade Treated as bastard sword or short sword; +2 additional against evil; additional multiplier against negative planar; once per day, 60 ft. of sunlight Dungeon Master Guide
Swordbow Weapon can be used as a sword or bow Magic Item Compendium
Tentacle Rod Rod attacks on its on with three tentacles and can slow target Magic Item Compendium
The Fist  +1 adamantium gauntlet makes wearer immunt to chill and heat metal and deals an extra 2d6 damage once per day Magic Item Compendium
Trident of Serenity  +1 trident that can calm emotions Magic Item Compendium
Trident of Warning Wielder determines aquatic predators within 680 ft. Dungeon Master Guide
Viperblade  +1 dagger that can poison target Magic Item Compendium
Water Whip  +1 whip that returns to you and can act as flaming or frost Magic Item Compendium
Weapon of Life Stealing Creatures critically hit gain a negative level and possibly lose a character level; wielder gains 1d6 temporary hit points when a negative level is bestowed Dungeon Master Guide
Weapon of Puncturing Three times per day, this weapon deals 1d6 points of Constitution damage. Dungeon Master Guide
Weapon of Smiting An additional +2 vs. constructs, critical hit destroys a construct, additional x2 multiplies against outsiders Dungeon Master Guide
Weapon of Subtlety Additional +4 to attack and damage on sneak attacks Dungeon Master Guide
Weapon of Terror At will, wielder may cast the fear spell. Dungeon Master Guide
Weapon of the Planes Weapon bonus varies from plane to plane and from planar opponents Dungeon Master Guide
Whip of Webs  +1 whip can entangle target in webs Magic Item Compendium


The following magical abilities that can be applied to weapons are NOT allowed: Dragondoom, Dragonhunter, Soulbound.



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