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Item Name Brief Description Source
Absorption Absorbs spells cast at bearer, who can then use the absorbed energy to cast prepared spells Dungeon Master Guide
Alertness Acts a +1 light mace and bestows +1 initiative; grants a variety of detections Dungeon Master Guide
Bodily Restoration Allows user to heal physicl ability damage Magic Item Compendium
Cancellation Destroys other magic items on touch DC23 Dungeon Master Guide
Enemy Detection Three times per day detect enemies within 60 feet Dungeon Master Guide
Escape Allows user to jump, knock, and repel water Magic Item Compendium
Flailing Acts as dire flail that grants +4 AC and +4 saving throws for 10 minutes per day Dungeon Master Guide
Flame Extinguishing Spend charges to put out large or magical fires Dungeon Master Guide
Force Turns into brilliant energy lonsword and wall of force; can project a ray of force Magic Item Compendium
Frost Emits a ray of rost 3 times per day Magic Item Compendium
Grevious Wounds Five times per day damages creatures nearby that have already been wounded Magic Item Compendium
Icicle Grants resistance to cold, launches icicles, and casts Ice Storm and Entomb Frostburn
Immovable Rod Push button to make rod hold up to 8000 pounds and resist at Strength 30 Dungeon Master Guide
Instant Igloo Creates effect of Leomund's Tiny Igloo Frostburn
Lordly Might Too numerous to mention Dungeon Master Guide
Metal and Mineral Detection Take full round to detect such things within 30 feet Dungeon Master Guide
Metamagic Rods Vary Dungeon Master Guide
Negation Three times per day as a 15th level caster, negates spells and spell-like functions Dungeon Master Guide
Piercing Cold Acts as +2 Frost Dagger as well as a metamagic rod of Piercing Cold Frostburn
Python Acts as +1 quarterstaff which can transform into a giant constrictor snake Dungeon Master Guide
Rulership Command up to 300HD of creatures within 120 feet Dungeon Master Guide
Security Create pocket dimension Dungeon Master Guide
Silence Grants bonus to saves against sonic effects; can shout per the spell; and silence the user Magic Item Compendium
Sliding Push or pull target 5 feet Magic Item Compendium
Splendor Bearer gains +4 to charisma and once per day can change appearance Dungeon Master Guide
Sure Striking Gain a +5 bonus to next attack roll 5 times per day Magic Item Compendium
Thunder and Lightning A variety of thunder and lightning attacks Dungeon Master Guide
Transposition Three times per day change positions with a target Magic Item Compendium
Undead Mastery Holder can control twice normal number of undead Magic Item Compendium
Viper Acts as +1 heavy mace which can transform into a snake and poisons those stuck for constitution damage Dungeon Master Guide
Withering Acts as a +1 light mace that deals strength and constitution damage only Dungeon Master Guide
Wonder Charged rod performs a random effect Dungeon Master Guide


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