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Item Name Brief Description Source
Animal Friendship Wearer may use animal friendship at will. Dungeon Master Guide
Adamantine Touch Your melee strikes are considered adamantium for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction Magic Item Compendium
Antivenom Once per day you can neutralize poison Magic Item Compendium
Arcane Might You gain +1 caster level for arcane spells Magic Item Compendium
Arming Ring hides and stores weapons and armor Magic Item Compendium
Avoidance Gain +20 deflection bonus to AC 3 times per day Magic Item Compendium
Blinking Wearer may use blink at will. Dungeon Master Guide
Brief Blessing Causes your weapon to be good once per day, may be recharged by turn undead attempt Magic Item Compendium
Chameleon Power Wearer gets +10 to Hide checks and may  disguise self at will. Dungeon Master Guide
Climbing Wearer gains a +5 / +10 bonus to Climb skill checks Dungeon Master Guide
Communication Wearer can hear thoughts within a mile and attune to other similar rings Magic Item Compendium
Counterspells Stores one spell which counterspells the same spell cast at the wearer Dungeon Master Guide
Darkhidden You are hidden from darkvision Magic Item Compendium
Djinni Calling Summons a Djinni for one hour a day Dungeon Master Guide
Elemental Command Performs a variety of elemental abilities based on element Dungeon Master Guide
Energy Resistance Wearer has energy resistance of 10 /20 /30 against selected type of energy Dungeon Master Guide
Entropic Deflection Ranged attacks have a 20% chance to miss, percent increased when wearing speed enhancing item Magic Item Compendium
Evasion Wearer gains the evasion ability Dungeon Master Guide
Feather Falling Wearer gains Feather Fall when needed Dungeon Master Guide
Floating Wearer cannot fall below water Frostburn
Floating You float or rise to the surface Magic Item Compendium
Force Armor Pair of rings grants +5 AC and deals damage to nearby creatures Magic Item Compendium
Force Shield Wall of force which acts as large shield at will grants +2 AC Dungeon Master Guide
Forcewall Creates a wall of force Magic Item Compendium
Four Winds Wearer gains +2 deflection AC and feather fall Magic Item Compendium
Freedom of Movement Wearer always effected by Freedom of Movement  Dungeon Master Guide
Friend Shield Pair of rings allows one wearer to cast shield other  at will on the other Dungeon Master Guide
Icy Soul Wearer gains cold subtype Frostburn
Invisibility Wearer gains invisibility Dungeon Master Guide
Jumping Wearer gains a +5 / +10 bonus to Jump skill checks Dungeon Master Guide
Landwalking Wearer grows legs and feet and is effected by an Air Breathing spell Stormwrack
Lightning Flashes Deal electric damage three times per day Magic Item Compendium
Mind Shielding Wearer is immune to detect thoughts and discern lies Dungeon Master Guide
Mystic Defiance DR 10 against damaging spells; increased Fortitude save if wearing ability enhancing item Magic Item Compendium
Mystic Fire Gain +1 caster level for fire spells; spend charges to increase fire damage three times per day Magic Item Compendium
Mystic Fire Gain +1 caster level for electric spells; spend charges to increase electric damage three times per day Magic Item Compendium
Mystic Healing Gain +1 caster level for healing spells; spend charges to increase healing three times per day Magic Item Compendium
Negative Protection Cannot gain negative levels; ignore 1d6 points of negative damage per round Magic Item Compendium
Piercing Spells Deal extra damage against unexpecting foes Magic Item Compendium
Protection Grants between +1 and +5 bonus to AC Dungeon Master Guide
Ram Charged ring deals damage, open doors, and causes a bull rush based on 1 to three charges spent Dungeon Master Guide
Regeneration Wearer heals 1 hp / level / hour of lethal damage OR 1 hp / level / 5 minutes of non-lethal damage Dungeon Master Guide
Self-Sufficiency Gain a +10 to Autohypnosis checks Magic Item Compendium
Shooting Stars Variety of lightning based attacks which are more effective out doors Dungeon Master Guide
Silent Spells Cast up to 3 spells of third level or lower without verbal components Magic Item Compendium
Spell Storing Rings stores between 3 and 10 levels of spells that can be used by wearer at any time Dungeon Master Guide
Spell Turning Three times per day, wearer effected as if by spell turning  Dungeon Master Guide
Spell-Battle You are aware of all spells cast within 60 feet and can identify them with a spellcraft check Magic Item Compendium
Sustenance (1) Wearer gains continually nourishment and needs only sleep 2 hours per night Dungeon Master Guide
Swimming Wearer gains a +5 / +10 bonus to Swim skill checks Dungeon Master Guide
Telekinesis Wearer can use telekinesis at will Dungeon Master Guide
Three Wishes Contains 1d3 wish spells Dungeon Master Guide
Thunderclaps Deal 1d8+5 electric damage on touch attack and shout Magic Item Compendium
Universal Energy Resistance Gain DR against all types of damage Magic Item Compendium
Vanishing Briefly gain complete greater invisibility Magic Item Compendium
Vengeance Deals 5d6 damage to creature that critically hits the wearer Magic Item Compendium
Vortex Wearer can turn into a vortex for 10 rounds per day Stormwrack
Water Breathing Wearer can breath under water Magic Item Compendium
Water Walking Wearer always effected by Water Walk Dungeon Master Guide
Wizardry Doubles the number of spells of a level that an arcane spell caster can cast each day Dungeon Master Guide
X-Ray Vision Allows wearer to see through varying thicknesses of material but causes Constitution damage Dungeon Master Guide


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