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The following list only deals with specific magical armor.

Item Name Brief Description Source
Absorbing Shield Once every two days, the shield can disintegrate an object touched Dungeon Master Guide
Armor of Command  +2 bonus to all Charisma checks and leadership score Dungeon Master Guide
Armor of Luck Reroll one attack roll against wearer per week Dungeon Master Guide
Armor of the Deep Treat wearer as unarmored for swimming and wearer can communicate with any creature that breathes water Dungeon Master Guide
Armor of the Unending Hunt  +2 Mithral chainmail provides immunity to fatigue and exhaustion Complete Warrior
Barricade Buckler Transform buckler into 5x5 wall of force Magic Item Compendium
Bearskin Armor  +1 Gain bonus to Constitution and grapple; gain scent and claws Magic Item Compendium
Caster's Shield Back of shield acts as a reusable scroll Dungeon Master Guide
Celestial Armor Lightweight chainmail that allows user to fly once per day Dungeon Master Guide
Demon Armor Make claws attacks with armor for 1d10 plus contagion Dungeon Master Guide
Earthplate Armor  +1 full plate grants stoneskin and tremorsense Magic Item Compendium
Electric Eel Hide  +2 buoyant slick hide armor deals 1d6 damage to attackers; three times per day wearer can deliver a 5d6 touch attack Stormwrack
Exoskeleton Armor  +1 breastplate grants DR 5/ bludgeoning Magic Item Compendium
Foxhide Armor  +1 leather grants bonuses to Intelligence, move silently; gain scent and pass without trace; usuable while shapechanged Magic Item Compendium
Ghoul Shell Armor  +1 leather allows wearer to make 3 ghoul touch attacks per day Magic Item Compendium
Lion's Shield Three times per day, shield attacks using users BAB and dealing 2d6 damage Dungeon Master Guide
Mithralmist Shirt  +1 mithralshirt fills space with mist Magic Item Compendium
Overhead Shield  +1 heavy shield creates 20-ft horizontal wall of force above user Magic Item Compendium
Owlfeather Armor  +1 leather grants bonuses to Wisdom, Listen, spot, and move silently; allows wearer to fly Magic Item Compendium
Rhino Hide Deals an additional 2d6 points of damage on any charge attack made by wearer Dungeon Master Guide
Serpent Armor  +1 leather grants +1 bonus to relfex and gives wearer combat reflexes Magic Item Compendium
Shiled of Mercy  +1 heavy shield turns smite into healing Magic Item Compendium
Speed Armor Haste for 10 rounds per day Dungeon Master Guide
Spined Shield Three times per day, wearer can launch a spine at +1, 120 ft., 1d10, 19-20/x2 Dungeon Master Guide
Tigerskin Armor  +1 mithral shirt grants bonuses to Dexterity, move silently, jump, hide; gives wearer scent and allows wearer to grow claws; usable while shapechanged Magic Item Compendium
Vampire Hide Armor  +1 studded leather grants DR 5/ silver or magic Magic Item Compendium
Wight Armor  +1 Shadow Studded leather makes wearer invisible to undead Magic Item Compendium
Wight Hide Shield  +1 light steel shield gives negative levels to targets hit by it Magic Item Compendium
Windrunner Shirt  +1 Mithral shirt that allows wearer to 'sail' for one hour a day Stormwrack
Winged Shield Once per day, wearer can cast fly Dungeon Master Guide
Wrapped Tower  +1 tower shield causes those that view it to save against fear Magic Item Compendium
Zombie Hide Armor  +1 hide grants DR 5/ slashing Magic Item Compendium


The following magical abilities that can be applied to armor are NOT allowed: Dragondodger, Soulbound.



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