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The Chasm Bridge

This adventure originally appears in Dungeon Magazine© #101 from August of 2003.  The notations below are representative of how the adventure can be altered to fit the Habololian campaign.

  • The adventure is best suited somewhere in the String Mountains, most likely somewhere out of the control of either Nomagrok and the Dwarven Kingdom.
  • Kaul'riah in area 1 is a Doppelganger instead of an Aranea.  Her possessions and reasoning remain the same.  Yeish and Lobarg are dwarves of the Blackbattle Clan.
  • All Duergar are replaced with standard dwarves from the Stonespell and Blackbattle clans.  To compensate for the loss of special abilities, every dwarf should be 2 levels higher.  Adding rogue levels is the best, but feel free to add fighter levels instead.  Their possessions and reasoning remain the same.
  • Haltik Wraith in area 7 is a dwarf of Clan Frozensky.  He is a 4th level Berserker.  His possessions and reasoning remain the same
  • The Svirfneblin slaves in areas 4 and 5 are replaced with dwarves from Clan Sledgehammer.



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