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Ill Made Graves

This adventure originally appears in Dungeon Magazine© #133 from April of 2006.  The notations below are representative of how the adventure can be altered to fit the Habololian campaign.

bulletThe dragon is replaced by a Grean sorcerer who was in life a 13th level Sorcerer with the fire elemental bloodline.  Instead of a tooth, the wizard's skull should be used as the container for his spirit.  The attitude and back story for the Gree remains the same.
bulletThe battle between the king and the Gree ended when the king is mortally wounded by a fiery spell, but then decapitates the Gree and drives his sword into the Gree's chest.  The body of the Gree falls off the cliff and explodes, destroying the  king's sword.  Bowenwar collects the head of the Gree and returns it to burn with trophies from all of the king's victories.
bulletThe best location on Habololy for this adventure is north of the String Mountains where there are several barbarian tribes.
bulletBowenwar should be made into a Barbarian Berserker 8/ Bard 2/ Skald 2.  If you do not have the Skald prestige class, then replace the Skald levels with one Bard and one Berserker level.
bulletKing Llogoff should be described as having been a worshipper of Stasis.  His bastard sword should be described as a symbol of the king's faith and a holy weapon (although technically not holy).
bulletVellenhost should be a Barbarian Ranger 6/ Huntsman 3.  If you do not have the Huntsman prestige class, then replace the Huntsman levels with Ranger levels.  He does not have any maps in his possession.
bulletThe Dragon's Jaw trap in 1A does not exist.
bulletThe Sea Tigers in 5 are replaced by Sea Wolves (see Stormwrack for statistics).  Increase the number from 2 to 5.
bulletThe Abandoned Lair in 7 should be described as follows to represent being lived in by a Grean sorcerer, not a dragon.



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